Spungie Day II (2nd Annual)

Spungie Day I
Prepare ye the way of the Spunge. There'll be hell to pay for what were going to do. It'll involve snow, wind... Spungie. Who knows, there might even be ice.

Prepare ye.


  1. damn it...my fam's flying out on sat and then sun visit with the in-laws for a late present x-change.....but it's spungie day...got to figure out a way to work this out....after all, i'm in need of a refresher on the finer points of c0ck rings and goodie boxes filled with sex toys....how about we meet agree to the same meeting spot this time?

  2. Franconia Ridge loop? Why the heck not! It's always good for a party.

    Bring the family!

  3. I will be tied to a post in VT.

    As much as I would love to attend, I may opt for a Bamforth or Hell's Brook assault instead.

  4. Spungie wants to do it the week after (jan 4 or thereabouts). Let's make the 28th a Vermont day - assault on Bamforth. Just gotta get tMail up here.

  5. What is the feasibility of doing a Vermont day on the 27th? I can drive up Friday afternoon and shack up with Chuck Norris and get my feet wet in the Green Mountains on Saturday...I can drive home early Sunday morning...instead of getting hammered in traffic on Sunday after the hike...let me know what you guys think...