Colvin, Blake, Nippletop and Dial

tMail's Trip Report:

Writing this from the grandstand at Saratoga watching the horses work:

We start off with temps around 42 degrees I had liner gloves, HH top and beanie.

The approach to our first two peaks Colvin and Blake was gradual. Beautiful gradual smooth trails. The interesting thing is that Blake was and out and back to so we had to go over Blake twice. The saddle between Colvim and Blake was thick with mud, wet and rough trail. I had trouble in some spots had to go down on ass or backwards. Once off that small ridge we headed down for the approach up Nippletop which was great steady easy climb I pushed a little and felt awesome. Nippletop has some of the best views in the Adirondacks. You can see the Great Range and a majority of all the high peaks. Once off Nippletop to Dial is some of the best trail running one could find. I held back but we pushed. Dial had great views similiar to Nippletop. Then we hit Bear Mountain Den cool little mountain and descended back to trail head. 9 hour day 5 peaks I have no looked at map but between 15-17 miles I think.

Visibility was 100+ miles, conditions were awesome not many people, no bugs and lots of trail time.

For those keeping track knee felt awesome, feels totally normal today can't descend as fast as before but will come with time.

Looking forward to Green Mountain Day!

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