The Semi-Pemi

Finished the Semi-Pemi today. The route is:
- drop car at Hale Brook Trail, jog up road to Zealand Trail
- Zealand to Ethan Pond to Zeacliff to Twinway
- Out to Zealand Mtn. summit, back on Twinway to Zealand Hut.
- Lend-A-Hand Trail to Hale summit, then back to car.

15.6 miles. Don't know the elevation gain yet.
[Update 8/10] Total elevation gain approx. 4,700ft.

Original goal time was 6 hours. Made it in 5:06. I'm calling it 5 hours. It was a good route for a test. Zeacliff is pretty tough but the others are decent. I took a 10 minutes lunch and chatted for a few minutes w/ a caretaker at Zealand Hut. 4:30 is not an unreasonable goal time if I was willing to to push and not chat.

Pics are here.


  1. Awesome on the Franc Ridge w/MD and awesome on the blast to ready for the Pemi.

    The bad news for me... no Pemi on 8/22. I have a work thing that I got hauled into last minute. Totally bummed but work is work. I may try a midweek Pemi after the fact. I wouldn't keep up with you animals anyway.

    Good news... Amy and Big Boy have the Tri's under their belts. Pics here - http://picasaweb.google.com/puppetmaster64/AmyTriSHard#

    Some funny "trail people" stuff -

    3 people from a "meetme.com" group, about 1/2 mile from South Tri, comtemplating to run to South on their peak bagging mission or just backtrack to their car. Uhhh... it's 1 mile to get the 4,000 footer.

    Woman, 4 yr old daughter, and 64 yr old mom, in the Livermore parking lot, "lost" after a long woods hike. They meant to end up back in the Waterville village but just took the wrong trail... gave the lady a ride back to her car so she could pick up her daughter and mom prior to the rain.

  2. F-ing animal.

    When you do the Pemi, are you going up Flume first or in to the Bonds via the rail bed?

  3. good question. i think going wilderness trail to the bonds first and coming down flume. it was g-$$$'s idea to run the flats while fresh to make the best time.

    interestingly, i've been considering the fact that doing the big summits while fresh might be a lot faster and that i can probably run the flats at the end of the day even when tired - and it's downhill most of the way.

    decisions, decisions.....

  4. I am in your school. Coming down Flume at the end does not excite me. I will attack via the backside of Flume and brave the railbed at the end.

    We had ZERO bugs yesterday, you?

    I may resign to the 1st week of Sept for the Pemi for me. Not sure I should do it just before the Mansfield run!

  5. the bugs weren't bad at all!

    mansfield: i personally wouldn't, but that's because i anticipate a minimum of 2-day recovery from the pemi.

    i have two problems with a clockwise (flume first) route: at the very end, i'm just trashed, and the idea of running and running and running at the end kind of sucks. the other thing is that sunrise over the pemi from the bonds is very beautiful.

    my other dilemma was poles vs. no poles. i didn't bring them last year because i couldn't stand carrying them. i had them yesterday to test and am pretty sure they helped save my legs.

    i go back and forth. right now i'm thinking counter-clockwise (bonds first) w/ poles. oy.

  6. The RaceAcidotic guys thought clockwise was 'the hard way'.

    also, i'm going to bring a 2L camelbak and an empty nalgene. i'll drink the 2L on the way to galehead, refill at the hut, drink a bunch before taking off and fill the nalgene. i'll sip as much as i can of that while doing the garfield ridge trail (impossible to run) and then pack the nalgene and remaining water for an emergency.

    too bad you can't make the 22nd.

  7. I am totally bummed about the 22nd. I was so psyched and then got the call to take a seat (not an invite but an order) at the Red Sox/Yankees game for work. It's with our largest customer so I can't bail.

    Believe me, I would rather be in the mountains. The good news is I will have that much more wisdom from you guys before I attempt it solo in the coming weeks!