Pemi Practice: The Semi-Pemi

I'm planning a Pemi practice run, although not on that loop or I'd end up killing myself. If anyone is interested, the loop I'm thinking of is:

  • Start: Park at the Hale Brook Trail trailhead. Head up to the Zealand Falls Trail
  • AT (Ethan Pond Trail) to Zeacliff Tr. (trot it)
  • Zeacliff to Zealand summit. Turn around.
  • Take the Twinway to Lend-A-Hand to Hale
  • End with the Hale Brook descent.
The point of this route is to do the flats first, than load up on elevation for the middle and end. This will require possibly packing and unpacking poles if you're so inclined.

In a way it's kind of dumb because it doesn't really matter for training which way we should go, but It's kind of a mini-Pemi, actually a semi-Pemi (it's about 15.2 miles on the map).


  1. Mutha, I'm booked until the 8/22 pummel. And logistically, the next 3 weeks are complex for me. So, it would help me plan now, if in the coming days you can look ahead and frame the logistics for the real magilla. thanks, MD

  2. 8/22 I am 110% in for a hike whether meeting you guys along Pemi route or group hike if conditions are not Primo for Pemi Pummel...

  3. I will be getting out Sunday but will have wife and dog in tow. Not sure they are in for a 15+ miler. Route TBD.

    8/22, I am in.