Weekend Plans for 8/15-8/16

The current forecast is for a dry week. Trails on the Semi-Pemi were in excellent condition. Anybody available? tMail, you plotting a return to the Whites?

I'm up for absolutely any hike. MadDog still has to do an epic Osceolas/Tecumseh day, but that might be for later in the fall, given his schedule. I don't mind a low key trek since the following weekend is the pemi, but we also have a bike opportunity. I haven't been on my bike since the double-gap so the phrase "low-key" really needs to be emphasized.

Well, we have all week so for anyone planning on heading out to NH, get that thinking gland pumping (mmmmmm....).

[Update 8/11] tMail is plotting a return.
[Update 8/14] Moosilauke on 8/15.

tMail, Spanky and I did The Moose. Pics are here.

tMail's Trip Report:
Official reunion of Mutha and Tmail.

At the DD in Lincoln I was handed my lightsaber first time I had seen it since April. Looked like it was in good shape.

Next stop trail head, packed as usual there was a wedding going on or going to be one going on.

We hit the Gorge Brook trail on the ascent good conversation it ranged from rabbits to contact lenses and everything inbetween.

On the summit we had a sandwich and watcedh as hords of people approached the summit.

Mutha and I headed due Northeast on the summit and went to play name the summit.

Descent down was cool we talked about everything from the AT to China and everything inbetween. It included health care talk and inflation and the U.S. Greenback.

Conclusion I pay the same for health care as Joe Blow that weights 400+ and is on lipitor at the Insurance company blows a big load for people like me who just keep paying the towards the pool. We get nothing in return except are bent over and told to pay more.

Also the greenback is worth toilet paper. We ran the feds balance sheet and inflation will strike soon. We compared China to AIG they collapse we are screwed and the USA is like BofA - money pit.

Spanky soaked
Mutha soaked
Tmail soaked


  1. I would like to get up to NH this weekend...couple of factors are weather and see how my knee feels and what 007 is doing.

    Some ideas that I have which are excluding 007 are:

    1. Hancocks

    2. Jefferson and Adams (12.4 miles)
    One way to do it is to take Lowe's and Randolph Paths to Edmands Col, then the Jefferson Loop to the summit of Mt. Jefferson, return to the Col and follow the Gulfside to Thunderstorm Junction, finally ascending Mt. Adams by Lowe's Path. Return to the car by Lowe's Path [lp: 12.4 miles, 5,200 feet, 8:50].

    3. Moosilauke

    I am trying to stay away from Pemi Peaks considering there is alot of Pemi planning.

    More to come as weather and information comes over the wire.

  2. Moosilauke it is weather is shaping up to be BEAUTILICOUS....

  3. Although it isn't in your plans as of now I'd advise staying away from Washington as the annual bicycle hillclimb is scheduled for Saturday.

    I am a sure no-go for Saturday but a possible go for Sunday so keep me posted or update via blog.

  4. have fun boys. i will not be able to make this one.

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  6. Just catching up after all the moving activity... Greatest poster/pic ever for TMail's return!