And For My Next Trick ...

Next weekend we had labeled "Vermont Day", in honor of the winter offerings of the glorious kingdom of Vermont. There were some ideas tossed about, including x-c skiing, skate ski lessons, Bamforth Ridge, etc.

But the real question is: who can make a Vermont-based adventure next weekend, other than MD and myself, and MadDog seems pretty darn busy lately?

Alternatively, tMail had been talking trash about The Bonds and Isolation. tMail, what's your idea of a fun time? MadDog? Treadmill? Bueller?

[Update 1/24]: Booooring.... I'm going to attend the Vermont 3.0 tech conference on Saturday instead of playing in the snow. Sunday is looking like the day to play.


  1. MZ, the trash talking will have to wait I leave for Paris this Saturday. I will see everyone at Bad Boy, hectic week at work this week, hope my training doesn't slack. I was able to get 2 hours in on the indoor trainer yesterday which felt good.

  2. Mutha, I'm free on Saturday and game for anything. Let's watch the weather and chat toward the end of the week. -MD