Spungie Day Is Approaching

Well, it looks like we've got a classic weather pattern coming up: The Spungie Sandwich. This is some substiantial snow on Friday, followed by bitter cold on Sunday - leaving us Saturday for our excursion - right smack in between two weather systems. It could be seriously horrific on Franconia Ridge, or it could be downright nasty. We won't know the details until we're back safely in our cars.

Breathe deep and exhale slowly. This could be sphincterpuckeringly weatheriffic!


  1. any idea on the route? 9mile RT?

    New snow = long day

    lots of exposure = fun

    Might try to attend

  2. Well depending on weather we are looking to throw in Liberty, we will make a decision in the parking lot I assume. New Snow = Tmail Breaks some serious trail...

    Liberty via Liberty Springs Trail acroos the ridge line to Lafayette down OBP....

  3. Agreed tMail - we may have some last minute plan changes. There's also the possibility of changing to Sunday, if people can make it. We'll know more about the weather in a few days.