Carrigain is not Carrigain at All. It's really Adams. WTF?

 The PM on Jefferson, Adams in Background

tMail has turned the tables on us and as a result of the PM's rubbing his eyes on a Georgia peach and coming down with peach-fuzz-eye, we're now hitting Adams ... and maybe Monroe if we have time, heading up from Appalachia.

We'll rendezvous at the Quiznos at the Rte 3/302 intersection at 8:30 at the latest.... no Irving bathroom man/man sessions for us. Boo hoo. I'll have to take the cork out and leave it at home tomorrow. Good cork.

The pic at right of the PM was taken on Jefferson on 12/29/06 - almost a year ago exactly. Two days later I hit Tecumseh for my final of the 48 for 2006. Adams is in the background.

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  1. Well, no mountains for me today but as soon as I officially lost my "contagious" status (11AM), I headed off to the gym for 45mins of hard spinning and 30mins of physical beating. Then, because I had a full pack and teh dog was home, I headed out into our woods for a 1.5hr jaunt... no real big hills but I got a little more sweat anyway. I will say that I was truly bummed to have had to miss this day of hiking as I am sure it was a great one!