Spungie Day Was A Great Success!!

Group Photo At Greenleaf Hut

More details will follow, but here's the gist: Bob, Spungie, g-$$$, The PM, tMail and I spanked that ridge. tMail broke trail between Liberty and Haystack like a snowmachine in low gear. Temps were between 6°F and 12°F (based on the MWO summit readings today, +5°F for the 1,500 elevation difference). Winds were suprisingly light - probably rarely gusting above 20mph, although that was hard to judge. It would be great if any hikers post trip reports in the comments. We probably won't hear from Bob, who is heading up to camp in Maine for a few days. Also, either email me your pics and I'll post them in a gallery. Or if you post them online (like tMail does with Picasa) I'll post links to your photo gallery.

Click on the photo at right in the meantime for Spungie Day Joy!

[Update 1/20, 1:15pm]
Due to a mixup at the trailhead (the PM's North-Finder was off by 180°), Bob and I had the chance to chat all the way to the ridge, which was much better than the usual drinking and fighting at the Bad Boy. For a guy that downplays his interest in doing what we were doing, he's got the stamina worthy of bragging rights.

tMail got the chance to lose finger and body heat to the point of dismay (according to those who were there) and g-$$$ got seperated and stuck in a spruce trap. Bob and Spungie and I came upon him after his escape, but that couldn't have been fun.

If I'd known the PM was wearing his bear-suit (see tMail's pic of the hairy-beast) I would've hiked naked. The PM and I also took advantage of superb boot skiing conditions and dropped down from Greenfield Hut in record time.

And Spungie? Well, it was SPUNGIE DAY!

Heard it on the mountain:

  • Spungie: "Mutha, I'm not car-cuts-you-off-on-the-highway mad, but I am mad!"
  • Spungie: "Oh yeh, oh yeh, ohhh, that feels good..."
  • g-$$$: "The one time I fall in a spruce-trap, I'm all alone!"
  • tMail: "On the way up Liberty Springs, I kept my heart rate over 160 for two hours. That's good training for Boston."
  • Spungie, while postholing: "Whoops! Hyperextension ..."
[Update 1/20, 9:33pm] tMail posted a video on YouTube. See it now. [Link]


  1. SPUNGIE DAY 2008

    Despite the logistical mix ups to start the day, it was a GREAT day on the ridge.

    I got some good gear checks in and, as always, have decided that I will be sticking to pretty much the same gear that I started hiking with 7yrs ago!

    Things I learned or was reminded of...
    1) Check your camera batteries prior to launch. (IDIOT!)
    2) TMail's hands are like those of a 89yr old woman
    3) The Spungie "cock cam" works and thank God it didn't get hung up on the "dolphin"
    4) Indian men wearing light fleece on ridge are equivalent to me wearing in a snowsuit in India
    5) Salmon sandwiches rock
    6) Despite drinking 2.75L of water, the pee can still be "electric green"
    7) G$ is a "sandbagger"
    8) MSR's on rock and ice are just as good/better than crampons
    9) The ice on the face fuzz sucks
    10) Boot skiing behind Mutha is like trying to run with my wife - good for about 50ft until they disappear at lightning speed!

  2. Spungie Day 2008...

    Logistical Nightmare...no shows at meeting places...driving by people in parking lots...standing 100 yards from each other wondering what the other was doing...freezing...

    Spungie Day Lessons
    1. I need to have some type of Down Jacket on when I am getting ready in the parking lot.

    2. Your hands freeze because your body is first making sure your core is warm per G-$$$

    3. My hands are a mystery I needed coal from the Cog to get the warm.

    4. I think we need to change sooner before going into exposure then take it easy for about 10 minutes before entering exposure. "Take it easy...I don't think we know how to do that"

    5. Eating and Drinking go to hell in exposure need to figure out a better solution, suck it up is mine.

    6. Mittens and handwarms (thanks MPM) rock!

    Heard it on the mountain

    1. I have to piss, I have to piss again, I have to piss again.

    2. When I was little I use to piss my friends bed get up in the morning and flip the mattress.

    3. My nose is ready to fall off.

    4. My hands are ready to fall off.

    5. I still can't feel my hands.

    6. Those guys are going to die.

    7. Who is this guy..."It's Bob and that is Mutha"

    8. On Summit of Lafayette Spungie Day, Spungie Day, Spungie Day.

    9. The Camera is in my speedo.

    10. My urine is the color of Rust.

    11. This trail is "Relentless".

    12. You have to take care of her you can't abuse her, be gentle.

    13. Do something in front of the camera..."we don't do anything in front of video that is to bad do something anyway"

    14. We met on the Summit and then got engaged..."Good luck you'll need it"

  3. g-$$$ is right! At the end of an ascent, whenever I change into dry clothes, I have about 15 seconds of bare torso before my body reacts the way you describe. Yesterday I got cold on Haystack at the changeover spot, over-dressed and was sweating like a mad bull on the ridge. In your video you can see me stripping off all my head-gear. By the time we were on Old Bridal Path, I was down to a base layer + vest w/ no shell. To me, THAT's the reason to carry all that extra clothing.

  4. My heartrate has been above 160 for two WEEKS straight and I'm just starting to feel a little winded. Just kidding Tmail! Looks like you guys had fun but how can a day with Spungie not be fun!

  5. What a tune-up, what a team. I never thought I would love seeing Mutha and Bob as I did at the trail head to Liberty. I got to bag Liberty!Great come back G$$ ALL the years of Badass pays off, I dont care how big your ass is..You will always be on my A-Team. What do I hate worst than hikers piss in the snow? Arrows!Bobs answer to my comment that this is a good tune-up for the Badboy? This is harder! (that was between the arabs and LaFayette.)Mutha and I were trying to decide what was worst hiking off trail killing vegetation, or walking on piping plover nests? We dont give a shit about either!Nate is right about M.S.R'S to crampons but, do they take a beating or what!Please become a product test pilot soon..T-Mail, I am never cold, but look at me, I shit thicker than your waistline! You are a lean machine. Sorry I forgot we traveled together I was high as a kite! See you wackos soon.