Last Minute Spungie Day Logistics, Notes, Changes of Plan

See the previous post for route plans. I'm starting this new post for weather/gear/logistics updates and last-minute ideas/comments.

  • Start time has been moved to 8-8:30 (see previous post, last note)
  • (MWO Higher Summits Forecast). (also, see previous post, last note)
  • Snowshoes on ridge may not be needed (see previous post, last note). High winds may remove all the snow and load it into drifts, cols and classic lee snow traps.


  1. Only concern is Liberty to Lil Haystack if that is not packed out...I think I will bring the snowshoes and pack out the trail...just to add something on the higher summit forecast it says rising 25-35 by days end...i am assuming that is "below" the person forgot to add that...this is excellent prep for BadBoy...and gear testing....

  2. tMail, reading VFTT it looks like we can count on modest snow loading. I too have changed my mind and am going w/ my snowshoes the whole way until bare ridge. My concern is not so much about pushing through drifts as it is just avoiding postholing. We'll probably be breaking trail up Liberty and most likely on the ridge as well so we may not be able to stay on the packed surface.

    One reason to bring an axe is in case we want to speed up the descent with some butt-sliding. I have a feeling that there will be some great opportunities - even with crampons on!

  3. then there's the safety factor...if vis goes to shit and we have to go off the FRT you'd definitely postholing. bringing snowshoes and axe...above treeline for any significant time..axe goes too.