Next Sunday, 1/13: Isolation

Here's how things are shaking out: based on feedback so far, this Sunday we're talking Isolation for tMail's list, and a big Franconia Ridge thing (Liberty to Lafayette) for Spungie Day on the 19th. Right now, it's raining everywhere, including on the higher summits where it's mixed with ice and sleet and snow... but mostly rain.

If cold temperatures between tonight and Sunday morning are adequate, we'll be on hard, frozen snow and the challenge will be enormous, especially brook crossings where most of the snow bridges will have washed out.

Isolation is becoming for me what Owl's Head is for the PM. After my first time there, I decided that was enough. Sunday, if that's where we go, it'll be my third visit in two years.

[Update 1/12, 3:45pm] Spanky and I went for a trail run for about an hour, in part to judge the snow cover. We're at about 1,400ft which is about 500ft lower than most of the lower trailheads in the Whites. Here's how it sugared out:

  • Well packed trails: plenty of snow - at least a foot of firm surface
  • Fresh snow off the trail: snowshoes needed, soft, grainy, deep postholes
  • Open, sunny, south-facing knolls: bare from rain & sun
  • Streams, low drainage points, etc.: wet
  • Low snow cover spots in the woods: bare from rain.
So my guess, for anyone venturing into the high country tomorow, is that the packed trails will be in good shape with hard, icy surfaces from tonight's freeze; the summits will be bare and possibly frosty/icy, and poorly used trails or bushwacks would be slow and wet.

I realize this isn't a profound discovery.... just thought I'd share, you ungrateful bastard.


  1. Mutha, what time you planning to leave?

  2. MD, I was kind of letting this be tMail's gig, but I haven't heard from him and the PM suggested Isolation this weekend. I figure that you, the PM and tMail and g-$$$ have about the same distance to travel, so I'll let you guys be the judge. Also, I don't know what tMail wants to do. Glen Boulder? That should be amazing ... amazingly fucked up, given the conditions. We're talking 12 miles round trip, minimum - on ice. HA! count me in.

  3. ok...I have constraints on Sunday. So I'm tentative until Saturday night, we should know which Mens room by then.

  4. Sorry for the delayed response...shit day at work I found out I may have to go to Paris and it may conflict with Bad Boy...work sucks!!! Tomorrow I am going for a long run 10-13 miles...I had plans for Patriots game with some friends Saturday night...let me get you guys a decision by afternoon...I don't care what route we take whatever one sucks the most because that has been the theme, Glen Boulder sure!!!

  5. The back is feeling better but the mornings are the worst! I am going to have to pull a game time decision on tomorrow's hike. I leave for a whirlwind trip of NA on Monday morning so I need to be home at a decent hour on Sunday evening too.

  6. tMail, you want to run 12 miles today and THEN hit Isolation? You're a goddamn machine! You guys are nuts. I'll all check back in later today to see what the status of everyone is.

  7. Here is the scoop...call off the invasion of Isolation. Prepare for Super Spungie Saturday. Couple things came up tomorrow one being family brunch I have to go to and the other being tough drive on a Sunday and then home Sunday night work next day. Plan B for Tmail is I have a email out to MPM see if he can meet at 0630AM in the Great Blue Hills for a power hike/run. I did get out for 2 hours today for a run no clue on distance just know I ran for 2 hours weather was beautful!!! apologies for tomorrow just trying to get some stuff (family, work) done before next weekend...I assume Liberty to Lafayette next Saturday...we are go flight for next saturday...

    MPM will be resting up over next week to cure his whiplash and be ready to crush skulls....

    stay fit...


  8. Sounds like a wise choice. That leaves me, MD (suspect) and g-$$$ (suspect). I've got joint pain and no energy today (flu?) so am I on the questionable list too? Goddamn it. g-$$$, what's your read on things? MD - what time do you have to be back?

  9. i'm not feelin' a good vibe about this one. I could use the trail time myself but it sounds like everyone's got issues....including me. gonna just head out for a bike ride in the slush or hit the soggy trails in the back 40...i'd consider joining you guys in the blue hills but 630A just waaay too early...yes I got sand and life is crap.

  10. MPM and I have confirmation that we will be in the Blue Hills at 0630am with full packs as if packed for Bad Boy...for 2 hours of power hiking...I talked to Spungie today he is ready for Super Spungie Day...

    I Like this new post option.

  11. Glad you like it. I figured I'd try it out instead of the popup window.

    Good luck tomorrow! Throw a gallon jug of water in that pack. It'll make a MadDog out of you!

  12. None hiking related is anyone having issues getting into GMAIL???

  13. It was a good jaunt out with TMail today - in the 30's, a slight hangover coupled with 5hrs of sleep made keeping up with TMail even more of a challenge than normal conditions!

    Being back in the Blue Hllls brought back memories of the Jay training and what is to come in the future.

    I hope everyone got out and enjoyed the sunshine prior to tomorrow's hell fire snow storm hitting. The first leg of my flight to FL already got cancelled!!!