Osceolas & Tecumseh

MadDog is planning on finishing his 48 this trip.  The general plan, an idea put forward by tMail, is:
[Plan updated 2/26]

  • Park at Waterville Valley Ski Area.
  • Ski to Tripoli Rd. and up to Osceola trail head
  • Hike up-and-down
  • Ski back down Tripoli Road.
  • Hike up Tecumseh and hike/ski down
I like the idea a lot, but and would prefer to do the Osceolas first since they're a bigger hike, and finish with a ski down the trails at Waterville Valley.

Something to bear in mind is that not everyone is comfortable on steep groomed ski trails with xc skis.  That part may require some modification.

Mutha's Trip Report (pics here):
The route ended up being Greeley Ponds from the Kanc to the Osceolas up-and-down.  Drove to Waterville Valley, Tecumseh up, ski trails down.  Headlamps came on at summit.  Some notes:
  • Dogman has rockets tied to his ass.  Only reason I saw him at all was that from time to time he'd stop to eat, drink or bend spacetime with his will-power.
  • Strange experience:  driving to Lincoln and seeing bare ground everywhere, then turning onto the Kanc and on the approach to the trailhead the plowed snow on the sides of the road reached over 8ft high.
  • Snow, snow everywhere.  It was deep - all the blazes were at snow level.
  • Spanky & Trudy were superdogs.  It must be amazing to have built-in crampons.
  • MadDog, in spite of his hand-strength issues, is unstoppable.
  • Descending East Osceola:  very steep trail allowed for the best butt-sliding this winter.  Fast, fun, and high-walled trail helped guide bodies.
  • Beware The Chair:  get into cars and drive an hour then start all over again.  Oh yeh.  I had all my layers hanging up to dry w/ the heat on high and the fan blasting:  gloves hung from rear-view, two tops from passenger visor, hat draped over shift handle, windbreaker draped over passenger seat back.  Drove leaning forward so my baselayer would dry front-and-back.
  • Spanky napped on the way to Tecumseh after eating all remaining food.
  • The summit of Tecumseh:  maddog pulled out the wine and cheese.  I pulled out the shot-glasses and Jack Daniels.  Serious partying w/ headlamps like coal-miners on payday.
  • Descending via the ski trails was super-fun.  Maddog found a cafeteria tray at the mid-mountain lodge and used that for fast descending.  Coming upon the half-pipe was even more exciting.  Dropping over the edge was much cause for glee.
  • Initially butt-slid w/ MSRs on.  Method:  lean back, knees up to chest, let back tips of snowshoes drag a bit and dig pole handles into surface for speed control/steering.  Much snow was released into cloud - blazing white in headlamp as it sprayed, then froze my face.
  • Maddog:  thanks for noticing that my nalgene had ripped off my pack in the high-speed whiteout.
  • On way out of Campton, stopped at DD.  Spanky and I split about 4,000 calories.
MadDog's Trip Report:
...everything he said above :-)

1. Congrats to Mutha on making #3.

2. Great times with all of you on all the peaks. There's way too many stories and memories to tell here. But they are special and remembered (mostly) - thanks a ton for sharing it all.

3. Yesterday was special in its own way, sliding down the peaks was superb - the snow, the channels, the temps, the sun (and the darkness).

4. I wish I was a dog.

5. Tecumseh was just the best. Tough to yank myself from the mobile dry cleaners, I call my car after the Oseolas but once on the trail, it featured nice conversation and huff and puffing uphill. Followed by libations and cheese, under the headlamps on the summit. You just had to be there. It was just pure, playfullness descending the ski trails in the dark with no one else around. It was out of a movie. Two grown men, yelling and hooting it up in the darkness on these wide and steep slopes, voices booming and while only being able see a small dot of light on each other's head. At each turn with downhills and the increased steepness there'd be more yelling great butt sliding, and improvised sledding on a cafeteria tray. The world was ours (for a short time). It brought me back to when I was 14yo and sledding with friends. Mutha you have boundless enthusiasm and energy - and it's contagious. What a pleasure it was. Thanks!


Katahdin Trip Reports

The Puppet Master's Trip Report (pics here):
So, reflecting on my birthday, I thought to myself that 1) the weekend was SO awesome and 2) I feel really lucky to have such great friends who include me in some great adventures and make the weekends and such worth getting psyched about! You guys rock and are all F-ing animals.

Rainbow - Thanks for the hospitality – not just the warm bed and camp but the licensing of sleds, Baxter permitting, and local guide work! Impressive snowmobile skills – 360’s without trying and jumping sleds into small sheds… WOW!

TMail - A great co-pilot and now experienced driver of Buck the Truck. I think Bob’s going to need to cut another window in our love shack if it’s to survive your gas bombs like Fri night… WOW! I understand that was your defense mechanism - like a skunk - but I was just trying to cuddle to stay warm! No brace on Saturday… Awesome.

Spungie – The only man I know who looks like Gandolf the Wizard, climbs like a goat, farts like a misblown tuba, eats like a garbage disposal, drinks excellent beer, knows all about how to spot a Puerto Rican with an apple crate bike from 100yds away, and always enlightens us with his crazy life stories that seem endless. Awesome.

Buddy Boy Bro - You’re into some weird stuff. Aside from those pics and stuff, crapping a ¼ inch from the trail, peeing into a milk jug at 6am, bringing sausage buns that had nuts on them and desiring the “shovel fighting champion” of Millinocket is all SOOOO wrong. Great to see you have adopted the mountains as an alternative to the running and have taken to the Spungie method of sobriety – just sleep outside after a few beers! Awesome.

G-Money – Shows up at midnight on Friday, throws back 4 Diet Cokes, sleeps a few winks, stokes the fire during the night, hammers out the hike including route finding 101 on Saturday, thief wires a computer, DVD player and TV together to show Bro’s weird tastes in animals, and then is up at 6am the next day whipping up eggs and ready to do it all again. WTF?! We want to know… what is the “ancient Chinese secret?!” Awesome.

MuthaZ – WTF?! Did that Osprey pack come with a rocket in the ass of it? You went up that slide like you were chasing Jesus! The ever-inquisitive man who wants to know if “it’s windy on the ridge”, who’s flash drive that REALLY was, and how Bro got a Haitian out of his balloon knot! Awesome.

Tom aka “Brother Curly” – Great to have someone on board who could tend the pooch, tend the chili, drive the truck with trailer, pick up the shivering Bro post-hike, and put up with our antics. Hope you are in good health next year so you can join the gang for the up and down.
g-$$$'s Trip Report:
Pancake:  Spungie puts the butter in Mrs Buttersworth

Birthday Cake:  Happy Birthday PM....while explaining why I gave him birthday cake for dessert tonight, Ez-E was upset that he couldn't sing Happy B-day to ya.

Beefcake:  Pink Cowboy Hat, ultratight undershirt, six pack abs, gucci smile...say no more

Fruitcake:  Muthaz sleuthing uncovers secret flash drive of the most bizarro collection of BBB's fetish material

Earthquake: Felt in Nova Scotia from impact of BBB turd bomb.  USGS reports epicenter 1.6 miles SSW of Baxter Peak

Earache:  Result of the American Idol wannabe's trying to replicate Barracuda, Creep, and many more classics gone bad and butchered

Headache:  What good samaritan Tom probably got from tending to us and shuttling us and the sleds around.  Next year, you are heading up with us!

Backache:  Post traumatic stress from being on the receiving end of a side-flipped sled x 2. 

Only 363 days until Bob Day 2011 aka K3 aka Wildman's Wilderness Weekend
Mutha's Trip Report (pics here):
Spungie:  Standing on Abol screaming:  "This is f**king AWESOME!"
g-$$$:  Sorry I drove the sled over the cliff ... twice.
Wildman:  The best...camp...ever!
Tom:  Hot chili on return, drive back to camp - man, what luxury!
tMail:  Save the fruit-basket.  We may need it again.
Buddy Boy:  That trail bomb... hand me the steel wool so I scrape my retinas.  That was just not right.
tMail's Trip Report (pics here):


K2: Katahdin 2010

Preparations are under way.  Directions, phone numbers, etc. are available by private email from Wildman or any of us.  General info is as follows (mostly copied from emails and subsequent exchanges):

  • waterproof/breathable jacket
  • waterproof/breathable pants or softshell hiking pants
  • insulated parka
  • fleece jacket/wool sweater
  • waterproof gaiters

Base Layer

  • expedition-weight long john top
  • midweight long john top
  • midweight long john bottoms
  • light wicking T-shirt, wool or polypro
  • synthetic briefs
  • synthetic sports bra (SPUNGIE)
  • wool socks
  • liner socks
  • wool or fleece hat
  • balaclava
  • midweight wool or fleece gloves
  • heavyweight wool or fleece mittens
  • synthetic liner gloves
  • waterproof overmitts
  • goggles (2)
  • plastics  or insulated, waterproof hiking boots
  • backpack
  • trekking poles
  • ice axe
  • crampons
  • lighter or waterproof matches
  • firestarter
  • headlamp w/extra batteries and bulb
  • whistle
  • 32 oz. water bottles (2)
  • water bottle parkas (2)
  • pocket knife or multitool
  • map
  • compass and GPS
  • sunglasses
  • chemical heat packs
  • lip balm
  • lightweight emergency bivy (~$30 at EMS)
  • stuff that won't freeze
  • Other
  • Each 4-person "group" should have a first aid kit and a stove w/fuel.

  • Friday Night: PM and I will supply chili/rice and bread for Friday night and maybe mix in a Salad.
  • Saturday morning: I will buy a couple bags of bagels that can get carried over into Sunday morning. I will also bring some OJ etc. 
  • Saturday Night: PM and I will supply one lasagna we are asking other to contribute to Saturday night. We suggest stuff that is pre cooked and can be heated up.
  • Sunday morning: Can others contribute or take the lead last year we did Oatmeal/Eggs/Pancakes.  (Buddy Boy Bro is bringing fresh eggs.)
  • Everyone should also be responsible for bringing one or two gallons of water that everyone can use.
  • Don't forget your individual supplies for the hike or specific things you like.


Bamforth, Yet Again

That's the plan for 2/13 and I don't mind telling you the conditions are going to be completely unpredictable.  Packed out trails?  Maybe.  Snowshoe terrain?  Maybe.  Headlamps?  Maybe.  Dog-Friendly?  Maybe.

Trailhead:  7:30am.
Dogman Pickup:  6:15am

The Puppet Master's Trip Report (Pics here):  Things I learned yesterday...
  1. Bamforth remains in the top 3 hardest hikes I have done in winter.
  2. Never leave snowshoes behind for microspikes. Microspikes are good for what?!
  3. 250lbs and deep, uphill powder is a recipe for post-holing pain.
  4. 3 small donuts, 1/2 a granola bar is not the breakfast of choice for a Bamforth day out!
  5. Bring enough food for 4 on Bamforth, you'll need it.
  6. 4 liters of H20 is needed for Bamforth
  7. MuthaZ and TMail are like snowcats.
  8. MadDog is insanely tough - proven time and again.
  9. DogMan and Trudy are hard rocking winter beasts - born for the VT outdoor fun.
  10. It really is 1hr down the Monroe trail (3.5mi) to the lot.
  11. Palin's bus is a godsend at mile 5 of road walking!
  12. Eating a whole pizza after Bamforth is perfectly acceptable.
This trail is killer. The image that portrays the day to me is MadDog trying to get to the pre-summit clearing at the top where he half post-holes, his pack gets stuck on a tree, and there's a stick coming up between his legs from the snow. He turns and chuckles and says "My God." Awesome!

Hats off to you cats who went back down Bamforth. Animals.

A special thanks to the Palin bus who arrived with a honk and smile. Vick, you rock!
Mutha's Trip Report (Pics here):  Some observations:
  1. Dogs Rock! But man, they'll eat and eat and eat ...
  2. Never give all your food to your dog.  My entire food consumption:  small bag of granola, 1/3 of a mackerel sandwich, a bottle of Boost, evening handout from tMail & MadDog (handful of nuts, a peanut butter cracker, piece of chocolate).  Spanky's entire food consumption:  a whole tuna sandwich, 2/3 of a mackerel sandwich, 3 string cheese sticks, a small handful of granola, dogfood, a bag of homemade dog treats, handouts from the boys.
  3. Bring more water.  Entire water consumption:  1L.  What the hell is up with that?  It's like I never packed for a hike before.
  4. Special gold award to The PM, MD & DM for post-holing to the summit.  How the hell they did that I don't know.  It was hard enough on snowshoes!
  5. Special gold award to tMail who sacrificed a pole for me.
  6. Special gold award to Trudy who launched herself up the Deadman's Folly ice wall.
  7. Special gold award to Spanky who, after hauling her little doggie-butt up and down that mountain actually frolicked in the woods on the way to the car.
  8. Phun Phact:  According to Delorme, the total elevation difference from trailhead to summit is 3,691ft.  The total elevation gain on the hike is just over 4,000ft due to about 325ft of up-and-down gains.
  9. Skiers down the north glades from the summit?  WTF?  What are these people made of???
MadDog's Trip Report: Nice day guys, thanks for the trip. I got my butt kicked. Just when I thought I was in shape, that thing comes along, slaps me with reality and deals a dose of work. It seemed like my legs were empty for most of the ascent. Though I seem to catch a second wind of sorts on the descent. Definitely a great workout to crampon it on the ascent.

Thanks to the shoe brigade - Tmail and Mutha for breaking trail and navigating. And DogMan and PM for sharing the rear and handwarmers. Which reminds to point out that the return trip featured an appearance by a Formula One pit crew...thanks for some very impressive work. And thanks to Palin for answering the Save our Soles (SOS) call, and doing the impromptu shuttle.
Tmail's Trip Report (Pics Here):  Bamforth Part II:  Bamforth killed me the first time but I got revenge

1. To those that hiked up with no snow shoes - you guys are rabid animals!
2. 2L of water consumed first time since I can remember I drank 1L
3. All food completely consumed - thought entered my mind to eat dog food.
4. Route finding 101 "just keep going up"
5. MadDog pit crew change two crampons two snowshoes and hand warmers all in 2 minutes.
6. Getting beat up by MadDogs pack while in the pit crew.
7. Uncle Pete flex on Camels Hump
8. Getting my snowshoe stuck coming down Bamforth and seeing everyone walk away and yelling "Mutha"
9. The amount of pill popping at MadDogs, "MadDog what am I taking, oooo tMail don't worry"
10. MadDog has the best cheese in the world at his house.
11. Palin can out drink all of us combined.
12. The cougars of Jericho exist and are in season.
13. The mountain kitty in outdoor gear exchange, yum!
14. Burlington, Vt (cougars, MILFS, hippies, Meth users)
15. Seeing the best stone work in all of Burlington!
16. Telling Palin to pick us up at Monroe then taking Bamforth.


The Bad Boy: 2010 Edition

Off we go!  All reports coming next week.  The plan involves an assault on Madison on Friday (by some) and on Washington on Saturday (by all).  We'll leave this post hanging for now we wait for the trip reports and photo galleries to get posted.

MadDog's Trip Report:
  1. the weather, the weather, the weather. while it wasn't punishing fun, it was appealing in a different kind of way.
  2. it's always great to see folks, i hope all return next year. try and join up with one of the many white mtn day hikes that the NH, MA and VT guys do, just ask your local state rep for more info (Mutha, Tmail, PM, g-$)
  3. the OldMan house band rocked - somebody sign that guy for a long-term recording contract.
  4. congrats to Mutha for taking home the BB prize. remember, be sure it's not used during any glass bottom boat excursions.
  5. note to self, additions to the mandatory house gear list - earplugs, or any kind of sound baffler.
  6. Roland thanks for all the house logistics and video chuckles, much appreciated. but next year, leave the methane generator at home.
  7. note to all future participants - don't forget chip's last name. you've been warned.
  8. valentino, thanks for looking out after the village elders.
Mutha's Trip Report (Picasa pics here;  Facebook pics here):
  1. I agree MadDog - simple conditions, but man, what a glorious day!  MadDog, your screams of pain echoed across the valley.  You will be avenged.
  2. The PM:  needs new arches.  That hamburger looked a little tough and stringy.
  3. The Old Man:  Not sure why he's not known as The King in Vegas, but that act is GOLD!
  4. g-$$$:  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can stop that engine that insists on being the caboose.  Rumor had it that the valley echoed with the 'War Whoop', but didn't hear a thing from where I stood.
  5. tMail:  good to get back to Dodge's.  And now we've got Ranger Cred.
  6. Spungie:  The Human Sponge.  I know the spelling & meaning are different but the guy must've dumped a gallon of perspiration on the ascent.
  7. JB:  I just can't fathom how fast this man is....it's just incredible...
  8. Cypher:  Having a mutant on the team makes me feel better.  Knowing it's you makes me feel worse.  They net out to zero, but I'm still going to watch what I say.
  9. Buddy-Boy-Bro:  The Bad Boy Brew Master has mastered his brew.  Keep 'em coming, Bro!
  10. Brian:  Coded message:  "I knew you would!"  (Only Cypher can decrypt this message.)
  11. RoRo:  Every time you do the bicep-inflation gimmick at the bar it makes me sweat like Spungie on a power-ascent.
  12. Ray:  Get yer frickin' chickens already!  Mom and dad would be proud.
  13. Wildman:  The little mouse-ears have a function.  Don't let them fool you.
  14. Jumpsuit:  Thanks for the hug.  But the next time we kiss, we should both shave first to avoid velcro-lock.
Wildman's Trip Report (Pics here):  A tale to to days, one very cold very windy for the Madison hike and the other cold and calm, both offered great days in the mountains. Notes:
  1. Gotta get out eary enough to hit the Moat on Thursday night
  2. Thanks to T-Mail for the taxi around the mountain and to the T-Mail mom for dinner
  3. A great night on the town, there are Bad Boys everywhere, once a member...
  4. The house Rocked, in general and esp. Saturday night, who is that Old Man?
  5. Although I don't have as many pictures as Spungie here they are
  6. Mutha nice job on the BB award, be sure to bring it back polished up next year!
  7. Thanks to all for a kind pace, conversation and a great time.
  8. Windbloc shorts, yep on the list
  9. Finally a benifit to the big guys, being 200lbs proved to be a benifit on Madison
  10. Can't wait until next year, but until them K2, WY and who knows what else!!!!!!!!
The Puppet Master's Trip Report (Madison pics here; Bad Boy pics here):
  1. Great day out on Saturday and a great weekend in whole. Thanks to all for making it what it is - something to look forward to every year!Mad Dog - Now that we educated you, I don't want to see you on You Tube with any "glass bottom boat" home videos.
  2. Chip, "The Chisel", or whatever the F your name is - Thanks for being a good sport in the Old Man's act and being so f-ing strong. You rock.
  3. Ro Ro - That blowing up the muscle shit only works in P-Town. You need a new act to attract the Jackson cougars!
  4. G$ - One shoulder up Heather's with no axe and micro-spikes... f-ing animal!
  5. TMail, aka Valentino - Thanks for the memories in room #69. I hope they can get the stains off the ceiling.
  6. Spungie, aka "Bilo" - That was an awesome hair day on Saturday. keep that shit growing like a Chia pet.
  7. Lil Richie - I do have a video of the belly dancing "one pack" (aka your stomach) from the Moat. I may sell it if times get tough. please e-mail me the waiver we discussed and sharpen your Coug crampons for 2011.
  8. Bro - Great brew but you owe me a new colon.
  9. Irishman - We found the whiskey river but I fell out of the boat.
  10. Ray Ray - Get yourself a shaft warmer for next year... and not Bro's hand or mouth this time.
  11. Rainbow - Trout season is coming soon. First Maine and then lunkers in WY. Prepare the menu!
  12. Johnny B - Stay classy, you f-ing animal.
  13. Last, and not least...
  14. MUTHA Z - I am glad I got to witness "Prince", the artist, in the Ravine with you. Purple Rain mutha f-er.
  15. Keep that well deserved Bad Boy trophy polished with your man juice and a soft rag. Remember, someone else is going to have to eat off it next year.
  16. Pics from Fri and Sat hikes.
g-$$$'s Trip Report:
Another year another great time....The Bad Boy weekend never disappoints. Thanks everyone for cooking, cleaning, or just showing up. May have been some of the best weather I've seen on our trips. Awesome pictures for those who are kind enough to post. Who needs a camera when we got so many pros in this group.

From the hard charging front group to the adventurous 3 Musketeers taking the Spur Link, laughs and memories were made. I'm letting the ACLU know that segregation is alive and well in that the Bad Boys put the special needs kids (Spungie and Chip) and minorities (me) at the back of the bus. Of course we get Wildman Bob as a supervisor and there is no shortage of stories and humor.

The Buddy Boy Homebrew, Chili, Carrot Cake, Speedies, Lasagna, Broccoli Rabe, and iterations of hot sauce are finally out of my system. Unfortunately the calories have not. Good thing we only do this once a year.

Congrats to MuthaZ for joining the list of well deserved winners of the glass bling. A final nod to the mountain gods for taking but giving back Spungie's camera. And what a trip down memory lane seeing founding members Hickey and Miller at the Moat.

See you all next year, or sooner if you can make it with us to Katahdin or Gannett this summer.
tMail's Trip Report (Madison pics here; Bad Boy pics here):  Quotes from the weekend:
  • "Bro"
  • the sound of someone shitting their pants and then saying "mine don't smell like Rolands"
  • "I'm gonna run a quick 10k then come hiking with you guys"
  • "she's a border patrol officer and just wants to get together every 6 months, no strings attached"
  • "if i bring a cougar back you guys can all watch, but then show her the door out and tell her to get the F out"
  • "My name is Jimmy"
  • "Mother fuck'aaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  • "You can put it on the Nate Strong tab"
  • "hey valentino get me another whiskey"
  • "I thought last night meant so much more to you"
  • "there are 15 of us buddy what are you gonna do"
  • "because i am so fucking strong"
  • "are your balls cold"
  • "i can't see straight right now"
Also this from Uncle Richie: Pics here ("kingdom").
Also this from Spungie:  Crazy Friends and Bad Boy 2010