Backcountry Wanderings in Groton State Forest

This summer I spent quite a few hours both w/ DogMan, Trudy, Spanky & Jake and just w/ Spanky & Jake exploring all over the eastern section of Groton State Forest.  It lacks much in the way of a trail system, unlike the western side.  The map at the right is a not too accurate accounting of some of the bushwacks I've logged.  Regrettably, without a GPS trace, these are no more than rough guesses as to where we were.

The routes are a combination of old forest roads, VAST trails, raw bushwacks, beaver dams and what-the-heck-is-this-we're-on???

Part of the goal is to simply explore.  This is, after all, my back yard (so to speak).  Another part is to seek out good xc ski routes for this winter.  Lastly, is the desire to trek all over the long ridgeline that bisects this image.  We've got much of it from Cow Hill south to Jeremiah Lund Mountain.  bit by bit as I learn my way through those woods I've got routes now that can get me to the little bumps to the south.

One of these days we're going to tackle north of Cow Hill (which seems to be just a straightforward bushwack down to Rte 2) and the summit to the south of Cow Hill (Lookout Mtn.).

In the meantime, we've logged some outstanding xc ski routes.  This promises to be a great winter.