Mt. Katahdin, the hard way.  As with the Bad Boy post previously, this is more or less a placeholder and eventually the individual trip reports may be pasted here.  Route highlights:
Pulk design a huge topic leading up to the trip
Slogged in to Roaring Brook, then up the Chimney Pond trail - all in freezing rain and rain during  a winter thaw.
Cold came in Friday night.
Saturday we chose to try for Hamlin Peak but were turned back by conditions near the summit.
Sunday's descent included fun sled ride down Chimney Pond trail.
A great time was had by all:  Mutha, tMail, the PM, Wildman, Spungie, Dogman, OneStroke, g-$$$


Bad Boy 2011

Bad Boy 2011:  This brief report is more or less just a placeholder.  The individual reports were exchanged via email and at some point I'll get those pasted here.  This year:

  • Stayed at the new place Roland found on North Ledge Road
  • Old Skool & Dogman joined the crew
  • Ascended via Lion's Head, Dogman, tMail, g-$$$, Spungie, MadDog and I descended via Boott Spur Link
Links to photos are in the gallery, but:
Mutha's pics

Puppet Master's Pics