Wonalancet, Passaconaway And Whiteface

Route:  Wonalancet Ridge to Wonalancet, Hibbard, Passaconaway.  Return via Blueberry Ridge.
Date:  December 11, 2011
Conditions:  No snow down low, mix of snow and ice at higher elevations.  Microspikes were the gear of the day.
Start/End Time:  9:40am/6:10pm
Team:  Dogman, tMail, Mutha, Spanky, Trudy
Dogs:  There are numerous places on this route that are not dog-friendly, however both Spanky and Trudy are practiced in steep terrain and working with us for assisted ascents/descents.  We had a number of bushwacks, especially on the descent off Whiteface but in general the descent involved careful climbing down cracks, ice and steep surfaces off-trail.  I don't recommend the Whiteface descent for dogs at any time of the year unless the dog is trained in:  ascending/descending steep terrain, voice commands in strenuous situations, being handled by a team.

Mutha's Trip Report (pics here):
The picture album has no pictures of the work we did with the dogs for ascending icy spots or more exciting, the descent off Whiteface.  These dogs really showed their true colors in their ability to work with the team.  Just incredible.  Other highlights:
  • The ice did not require crampons, and we didn't even traction-up until the descent of Passaconaway.
  • The air was unbelievably clear (see photos)
  • tMail's 'awakening' is flooding across the landscape at full steam.  Hopefully I can get some of his cast-off gear so I can have more crap than the collection of crap I have now.
  • Jerry Sandusky's name came up.
  • Peggy O'Brien's did not.
  • The commune is still in the planning stages, but we agreed that we'd rotate 'vacation' as members fill in for the absentees.  Questions about currency and food supply remain.
  • Trudy & Spanky are great dogs on the trail.  But man, when Trudy grabs a big stick and runs, it's like being truncheoned at an Occupy The Whites gathering.
  • Note to future self:  the drive from Rte 93 to Wonalancet, NH takes a long time.  Don't underestimate how boring it is.
  • Menu for Spanky:  On The Trail: Three salmon sandwiches, 1/4lb of cheese (failed Gouda), a peanut butter and jelly burrito, trail mix, part of a pecan-pie bar.   In the car:  crusts from three slices of pizza, 4 chicken fingers, three mozzarella sticks, two Dunkin Munchkins.
  • Menu for Mutha:  On the Trail:  Two PB&J burritos, trail mix, a bottle of Boost, part of a pecan-pie bar.  In the car:  three small slices of pizza (mushroom, pepper and anchovy), nibbles off food given to dogs, four dunkin munchkins, a bottle of chocolate milk, a decaf coffee, water.
  • Question for future self:  can you still taste the grease from the Ashland House of Pizza?  How about those Dunkin Munchkins?  Were you ever able to get the lard out of your mouth?
tMail's Trip Report (pics here):  What a great trip! Some highlights of the trip / drive.
  • On the drive in the debate of Mormons, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney’s underwear, Newt, The Church of Latter Day Saints.
  • The ascent up to Passaconaway, healthcare reform, healthcare robbery, Deb’s new boyfriend, Jerry Sandusky
  • The Herman Cocaine Train
  • Cleansing of one self of all excess
  • China, Chinese Currency, Chinese Inflation, Chinese Children
  • Inflation
  • Housing bubbles
  • Capitalism
  • Children
  • DogMan is in for VT 100 2012 edition
  • Meeting the jeans people
  • Tom Wiggins Trail
  • The rays of sunshine on Passaconaway
  • Earth’s sustainability
  • Trudy putting on the front breaks
  • Trudy cleaning the inside of my bag
  • Accidentally urinating on Trudy
  • Spanky licking my face while being air lifted in rock crack
  • On the drive out, Christianity, Rosary beads, eating communion, drinking blood, the Bible
  • At the Ashland House of Pizza the Best / Worst pizza on earth, all sports talk.
  • In the span of 10 minutes from the Ashland House of Pizza to DD in Ashland it was the worst I have ate in 2011