Next Weekend (3/31 - 4/1)

Well, what's in store boys and girls? We're supposed to have rain today and then sun and warm temperatures during the day and freezing at night for the rest of the week. The sap will be flowing but if things don't freeze up hard we may have some challenges w/ mud. If we don't get any spring storms, the presi-traverse that g-$$$/pm are planning the following weekend will be on bare rock.

Lastly, blogspot has been having some major problems and it's possible that once I put up a post like this it can't be edited. I hope they get their shit together soon.


20070304 - Dodge's Drop

The days are getting longer and the planning is beginning for the first post-equinox (vernal) hike of the 2007 season. As always, I'm open to suggestions from the bleachers, but right now we've got freezing rain and I have a sore throat. Depending on what this does to the snowpack, it really makes me think about Hillman's again. Post your availability and/or desires here or by email (the UF is doing a good job g-$$$, don't resent her for securing your network!).

I'd like to point out that the current forecast for Saturday (as of 6am, Thursday) is for bright sunny skies.

Update 3/24, 6:40pm: Holy Crap! I didn't do Hillman's Highway after all. But I DID do something much cooler! More on this in a bit. I'm getting dinner and then putting something together to show the NEW COOL THING!

Ten Hints:

  1. I forgot sunscreen, and that was a problem.
  2. I needed my axe (and had it, so I used it).
  3. I should've sharpened my crampons
  4. I should've had two tools, not a single all-purpose alpine axe
  5. I used every technique I learned on that ice-climbing day at Cathedral Ledge.
  6. I was solo, and No, I didn't know it was going to be that steep... well, I sort of did ... but not really.... well, I figured it might be, but it was hard to tell from below.
  7. It had a greater elevation gain than Hillman's.
  8. It wasn't the Headwall or in Tuck's
  9. Halfway up I passed 3 climbers roping up their harnesses to ice screws for a belay. They watched me go by with my huge pack, strap-on crampons and one alpine axe. On guy said "going for the big ascent?" I thought about it for a sec and said "uh, yeh...." and kept going, trying not to drop ice on their heads.
  10. At the gnarliest points I said to myself "don't look down, don't look down..." and of course I did because it was so fucking steep. Luckily, it was also really fucking cool.
Oh yeh, baby!

Update 9:34pm: See pic posted at right (and link to gallery on left, or click on title) for route. I got up to the cabin and stared at that gully on the left of Hillmans and couldn't resist.

Update 3/25/07, 5pm: Due to some weird problem w/ BlogSpot (who hosts this blog) I lost the Dodge's Drop post.


20070318: On The Menu

Okay, what'll it be? Cast your votes now!

  1. B#%&@mforth Ridge to the Hump and back.
  2. Hellbrook (what, again? don't we keep doing that fucker?)
  3. Long Trail winter traverse, non-stop, from the App Gap to the Jonesville parking area.
  4. Hillman's (probably too soon, but the weather may be warming... save for late March)
  5. X-C in to Thoreau Falls via Zealand Road... and then back again.
  6. X-C skiing on groomed trails anywhere (down by Tripyramids)... maybe even ski in, do the Tri loop, ski out (this will be do-able by novice x-c skiers).
  7. Liberty Spring trail up, Franconia Ridge to Lafayette, return via Bridal Path and a 1mile trek along rec trail back to Liberty Spring trail head (at Visitor Center?).
  8. ...
UPDATE 3/11: We're on for the 18th (changed title of post). Now it's just a matter of picking a destination. There's no new avalanche advisory posted for today as of this writing so whether or not the rain destabilized the snowpack is still up for discussion (did somebody say "Hillman's").

UPDATE 3/18: Well, everyone got busy so MuthaZ went back to his solo routine. Luckily I checked the forecast because as of this writing (5pm) winds on The Bad Boy rose up to about 105mph w/ temps a few degrees below zero. On the ridge, the temps were probably at least 5° but in addition to rising winds, there was a LOT of blowing snow - not just frozen fog. My official trip report is posted as a comment to this.


Notes From Ancient History

While we're waiting for snow totals of "The Storm of March 3, 2007!" and are planning our next hike on Sunday, I figured I'd post links to all the trips going back to May 8, 2004, my first Presi Traverse w/ Mad Dog, Keith & Roland. Prior to that I didn't have a digital camera.

New postings include a link to my first meeting w/ Treadmill on our 9/10/2005 Presi Traverse.

The link list on the left has grown, and the plan is to keep it going for many years to come.