The Bad Boy, 2007

We're still a few days away, but Friday is the ice climbing workshop and Saturday comes The Bad Boy!

Here's my guess for the weather: 2F, winds around 50mph, gusting to 65. In the clouds from 5000', blowing frozen fog w/ visibility about 100'.

I'm still on the lookout for the right conditions to skip the summit and go for something else, like up Hillman's and down Lion Head.

There is still a moderate level of instability in the snowback on steep terrain and the summer Lion Head route is still open so we may have limited options there.

[Update 2/4/07: Fried logic board is making my life hell. I'm working on getting the images posted from both the ice climbing and the bad boy treks. Updates will be posted here.]

[Update 2/6/07: Okay, got a spare computer, pics are posted HERE]

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  1. I was thinking the same thing muthaZ. If the weather and conditions are favorable I am all up for a hillmans ascent and evaluate the summit bid from the lawn. I want to see what wind-loading and fresh stuff hits for the next few days.