Franconia Ridge II: All Hell Breaks Loose

Rumor has it that tMail, the PM and some guy with a death wish are thinking about hitting the high notes tomorrow (sat, 1/20) during 100mph winds and zero visibility. More on this as things progress.

[Update 1/20/07: It looks like nobody risked life and limb. Good move. Anybody around on Sunday 1/21?]


  1. was tempted to go but the forecast took me off the fence onto the couch. i'll watch the wind play havoc with the ice-laden trees in the lowland backyard.

    hey it'll be just like being on Madison w/80mph gusts except 50% higher winds and 99% less visibility.

  2. It's looking closer to 100% less visibility.

  3. hey tmail...what do you need the experience for???? are you secretly planning a solo trans-crossing of the antarctic in their seasonal winter?

    If staying home earns me a spray bottle, I'll take two and sit by the fire as I throw another log in the fireplace!

  4. ... after all, are we different from squirrels? ... gathering nuts - saving some for winter, eating others, maybe doing this for a number of seasons until some hick from Kentucky shoots us, roasts our skull and eats our brains?


    still, we all know how what drives the Jedi... like a kid in a candy store, eh maddog? we get to taste the snow and that cold air and breath what the wind doesn't suck out of our lungs. we gasp and pull and push against gravity and brush off the rime and cover our cuts and bruises and do it again. it's all the same if we can see 80 miles to the ocean or 8 inches to our feet as the wind howls over the ridge and picks up our poles and moves our feet against our will and changes the subject from us to it to me to us to it and back again. i don't care about the fire. i want to tell how i reached in with my bare hand and pulled out a nickel.

  5. I hope Greylock was good to you guys from down south. Burke Mtn. was cold and windy. I speed hiked up the ski trails to the top and my eyebrows/lashes were so iced up I had to use my fingers to separate my upper and lower lashes. Woo hoo. Any of you check the Mt. Washington Summit Conditions lately? Looks harsh.

  6. Mt. Greylock checked off the list...cold day...the hike was not very difficult the engine did not crank and produce that Jedi heat so I was cold, but overall enjoyable day we did not see another human all day.....kind of cool......

    G-$$$ I need the experience for when I go to 10,000 feet which you will be guiding by the way....