Franconia Ridge

We gathered in the parking lot in cold rain, but by the time we were back at the spa, the sun was out and the jacuzzi was filled w/ champagne.

Or not.

Well, Spungie made it, so did g-$$$. (What?!?! g-$$$? wasn't he due in Florida this weekend? Uhhhh, apparently not.) Becca and Andrew made it, Mad Dog, tMail and me. Oh yeh, baby. But wait, where was the PM and his pink binkie? Where was treadmill, who destroyed Moosilauke and made the mountain feel like her little bitch? Where was Riree!?!?!? ... they were at home, in the bathtub, rinsing their ****** w/ a golden spray bottle. Even MadDog, who ate all my ibuprofen and had bad sinus problems showed up. He gets the opposite of the golden spray bottle.. he gets the - uh - iron sand blaster?.


more in a sec. the pork tenderloin is almost up to 140 deg.

okay, back - mmmm, just like I told you MadDog, a 3-olive martini stuffed w/ jalapenos. Pork tenderloin w/ pad thai, grilled brussel sprouts. Dinner is just about ready... anybody?

Today was the most beautiful day on the mountain. The frosty mist and blowing rime pubes were charming, lovely, stylish and delightful. More on this later ... along w/ the pics.

It was good to see Spungie again - haven't seen him since the Bad Boy '06. Oddly, he stored his banana peel in his hat (see pics at site).

Becca and Andrew are waiting for their trail names (Oh where, oh were is our Puppet Master of Ceremonies). Andrew is faster on his feet than he was willing to let on at first. He's a chatty son-of-a-bitch and wouldn't stop yapping about politics, neurolinguistic programming and tinfoil hats - then he left Becca in the dust and ran down the mountain like a billy-goat on fire. I was like "???" and he was like "!!!" and MadDog was like "??!?" and he was like "!". Holy crap. Somebody get that guy a lethargy pill.

tMail's goggles got all fogged/iced up. What the fuck, tMail - stop eating the Hammer Gel - it's causing you to overheat. Try tofu.

Our poles were covered in rime ice by the time we got down - but only the west side of them. Too bad I didn't get a shot of that.

Visibility dropped to about 100' but it was so beautiful up there.

[Update 1/13 7:33pm: Pics are posted here or click on title of this post - waiting for Becca's pics]


  1. Muthaz great work.....

    I am going to explore parachuting goggles (I have fucking goggles)...

    Possible nickname for Becca (Oreo)

    Possible nickname for Andrew (Chatty)

  2. muthaZ, you are the blogger extraordinaire.

    I think the staff at Dunks must have spiked my coffee. I got hit with some nasty virus overnight and spent all night running to and fro the porcelain basin. So I was forced to spend my Sunday on the couch watching football. Man that just sucked.

    The PM called me today to tell me how much he would have rather been with us but he had a date with the Cable Guy.

    Another good outing. Good to hang with Spungie and the Mad Dog. It's been too long.

    Got a couple more weekends before the Bad Boy. I'd like to get out there one more time.

  3. Personally I believe that the mountain Gods heard you mutha's bad mouthing the PM and decided to rain down a little hell fire to your souls. My guess is that you now all have violent runs, stuffy noses, and a ringing headache... welcome to my world for the past 2 weeks BEEEE-ATCHES!

    What the f is Spungie storing a banana peel in his hat for? Perhaps he was waiting for that opportnity to play the slippery peel trick on someone... just weird!

    It is true that I had the f-inig Verizon cable guys at my house (and teh entire condo complex) for the better part of Saturday whilst you fools were stomping and tromping. What a crock of shit. Yet another reason to kill your TV.

    Anyway, I hope to get out for a quaint walk thsi week and maybe will even find my way North on Saturday. We'll see what the week brings and if I get back from Indy on Friday without snow, ice, and Arctic temps howling up my arse.

    By the way, prepare yourselves for the show and thanks for the material...

  4. Heard It On The Mountain
    (vis g-$$$)
    g-$$$: The ridge is going to take about 2 hours to cross in subzero windchill. You got any face protection?
    UConn: I got chapstick
    g-$$$: No I mean face mask, ski goggles, or like a heavier jacket.
    UConn: Silence with the look of what is this guy talking about
    UConn: we’ll see you at the top.
    Hottie: I don’t know. I’m cold.
    g-$$$: well good luck…..(as we don our goggles and shells)
    3 mins later, UConn and hottie: We didn’t get to the top.

    Heard It On The Mountain
    (vis tMail)
    UConn: Do we need spikes
    Muthaz: I don't know there is no way of knowing
    Hottie: They have spikes
    Spungie: Does anyone want any Mackerel
    Hottie: These guys are eating Mackerel
    Tmail: It is good you want to try some (In full winter gear googles, mittens, plastic boots, crampons screaming really loud so I could hear my self through everything)
    UConn: We are all set
    Hottie: I am heading down

    Explanation, for those that weren't there or for when we're old and feeble and can't remember what this was all about:

    Just before leaving tree-line, as we were changing into dry, ridge-appropriate gear, a young couple wearing sneakers, cotton sweatshirts, light packs and maybe sweatpants caught up with us and appeared interested in reaching Haystack summit, or at least the ridge. The guy had a UConn sweatshirt.

  5. geezus, it's been less than a week muthaZ.

    details details.

    never saw the UConn sweatshirt but he had a skicap that had the UConn logo and he had a running tight/sweats. She definitely had yoga pants. I though the 20 oz Poland Spring water bottles in the mesh pockets was a very nice touch.

  6. Muthaz,

    PM, myself and PM's boy from Sensata are hitting the ridge again....we can call this one "PM Strikes Back" all are welcome....can you start something on the blog?


  7. jeezum. i didn't see the your comment until AFTER i got the 800 emails from you. holy shit. living up to the name, eh?