Okay, That's 48

Well, Tecumseh is now out of the way and all 48 are done for 2006. While I was looking forward to hiking Tecumseh w/ g-$$$ as a joint 48th exercise, that will not be the case, but g-$$$ is to blame for getting me involved in this whole 48-4ker business to begin with. The plan now is to do a ceremonial hike w/ him when he wants to.

While Tecumseh was kind of dull, it was a lovely setting. In fact I'm sure that with a few feet of snowpack, the trip down could be VERY fast.

Anyone reading this will have already seen the movie I made from footage and stills The Puppet Master and I shot on Jefferson/Adams, but in case you are feeling like it's something you have to see again and again and again, here are some links:

[Note: the pic to the right was taken from the car on 93 heading down to Tecumseh. The rising sun was casting shadows of the clouds into the mist above the hills.]


  1. Muthaz best work yet on Youtube....

    Anything in the works for this weekend coming up????

  2. Not a thing in the plans. At this point I'm pretty much open to anything. You had said something about Lafayette w/ Spungie... or was that the weekend after?

  3. weekend after the 13th (Lafayette keep that on the radar), but I want to do something this weekend...PM had mentioned something my crampons on eager to go up up up.....

  4. tMail - w/ all the email I'm getting confused. We're on for the 13th on Lafayette, right? What are your thoughts for the weekend? Was that the Flume idea?