La Flume

Well, it didn't happen on 1/6/07 due to rain (see prev post). But it did happen on 1/7/07, although w/out the PM, treadmill and riree.... but we added Andrew, Rebecca & Luna (did I get your names right? Damn, that was way too much mescaline).

The route was up&down the Osseo, including that goddamn railbed. We had a cloud layer seemingly just over our heads (see pic at right of tMail, thinking about the contrast between the image of man and the idea of man compared with the meaning of the image of man).

So the final cast was g-$$$, tMail, andrew, rebecca, luna and myself (trailnames to come for the nuo duo).

And the weather? Heh, heh. What do you think boys and girls? Would calling it a mid-April hike give the right idea? Let's say yes.

And on a more personal note, I'd like to say that the shiny, unscratched, but motion-blurred back of tMail's new Koflachs are now all too familiar.

And the final word on Luna vs. Riree? Sorry, we won't go there.

And if you haven't figured it out, click on the title of this post (or HERE) to see the pics.


  1. I would just like to note that picture of me posted on the blog is when I am looking over the Pemi loop and calculating how it can be done faster and more efficiently under 15 hours....

  2. Bingo! ... and did you notice that the lighting and scene (in particular the clouds) make it look like you're standing in a studio w/ a painted background?

  3. sorry i didn't post last night. following the hike I took my requisite jacuzzi soak. and after that i didn't have much interest in doing anything else but sitting on the coach and playing with evan.

    of course my night could not be complete without the 2AM wakeup in a cold sweat after dreaming how I was on the railbed and no matter how fast I ran the bridge never came. Worst nightmare of my life.

  4. Heard it on the mountain #1: "This was my best winter pee ever."

    Heard it on the mountain #2: "I kept thinking the bridge was just around the corner but it never came. It was demoralizing"

    [Note to readers: check these quotes for accuracy please. if you were quoted, get me the text the way you'd like to be remembered!]

  5. Muthaz my other quote was....."I can't lift my Koflachs any more"

  6. HA! That's right! If you get your triathalon team to train in Koflachs you guys can win events they haven't even invented yet.