tMail's Choice #2: Franconia Ridge

Here we go again! So far, the forecast for the weekend is rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain and a plague of locusts. We'll find out from the pros on Mt. Washington for sure as the day approaches. I believe tMail's route of choice (correct if i'm wrong) is the classic Falling Water to Haystack, Franconia Ridge North to Lafayette and Greenleaf/Bridal Path back. Indeed, a classic, especially if we can't see more than 10 feet. In the summer I'd say to give it 4.5 hours. But with unstable weather moving through for the next week and wind gusts following the steep gradients in pressure we could be in for a hellish traverse. Let's see what the forecast for Saturday is by Friday.

Image of the day (to the right =>) from Lafayette on a good day, lenticular clouds over the Pemi (and southern Presi's w/ Mt. Washington lower left in the back).

As far as meeting time, I'll let the southern contingent decide. Meeting place is obvious: the trailhead parking lot on the east side of 93 opposite the Lafayette Campground, in the north lot.

[Update on 1/11/07: 8:30 at the traihead has been confirmed. No guess on the weather until tomorrow's higher summits forecast is issued]

[Update on 1/12/07: The mountain spirit has extended a warm hand and invited us to join the mountains in enjoying low temperatures, low winds, low snow-levels and low visibility, but otherwise not said a damn thing about dashing our brains out on the rocks or killing us by sapping our internal heat and strength. I believe we should accept the invitation. As of this writing, the trip is a "go". See you all at 8:30! (Click on image to see closeup of route)]


  1. Muthaz I confirm the details you have provided and we will circle back Friday via the blog to determine if it is a go on Saturday....may the force be with you!

  2. ...Raingear and sunglasses ...