The UpAndComing: Floozie & Lafayette

Well, tMail is driving this one and it looks like a date with the Death Star: "Red Leader, I'm going in!!"

Okay ladies, what'll it be:

1/6/2007: Up the Flume via the Osseo Trail? Say, doesn't that require that we trek about 1.5 miles along that railroad bed? I swore after my solo Pemi I'd never do that again. Then after the Prance I swore I would never do it again. Then after Owl's Head I swore I'd never do that again. What, are you trying to make me out to be a liar?

1/13/2007: Lafayette. Let me guess: Falling Water to Haystack, north on the Ridge and down to Greenleaf. OUTTASIGHTASTIC!! Count me in.

[Update 1/7/07: See next post (above) for Flume trip report]


  1. Red Leader this is Gold Leader 1.5 miles on railroad bed is correct I will carry your pack in addition to mine blind folded, Jedi training. Osseo Trail 4.1 to Flume it is then another 1.2 to Liberty if we are ambitious. Total trip 11.0 if we include Liberty 13.4 not bad.

    PM what time you want to meet at the park and ride?

    G-$$$ / Muthaz meet at trail head time preference?

  2. I would opt for a 6am meeting time at the P&R.

    G$, you want us to meet you off of 93 after that?

    This will put us up in the Notch at 7:30 or 8am-ish.

  3. PM, which p&r are you and tMail going to meet up at? then I can judge where and when off 93 is best.

    forecast is looking like 90% chance of rain..should make things interesting.

  4. you guys have the longest to drive, so you pick the time. want to meet at a hot beverage joint (DD?) or just meet at the lincoln woods campground?

  5. I don't think we'll need crampons, but we may need a boat.

  6. muthaZ....a coworker was telling me about their Tecumseh exploit on Sunday, so I had to ask if they encountered you....You recall a couple in the parking lot with a barking english springer? she's the Director of IS here..and fellow highpointers. If you guys are going to hoof at warp speed I'll probably lay low and slow with them. The more the merrier and besides..they've done Gannett Peak so I need their insight.

    PM is Ri-ree and Treadmill joining us on Saturday?

  7. I absolutely remember them ... the dog was way ahead, saw me, and started barking and running away and back again. I reached them just before the parking lot - just about at the little stream you cross. I was flying by and was doing the "good doggie - what a good boy!" thing and I think he was weirded out by my crampons which I didn't bother taking off - so I was banging and clanging when I came upon them and showing no signs of stopping; a warning flag to a good dog. I nodded and said "hi" to them, but I was kind of fixed on not stepping on his/her paws. That's so funny running into them. You've told me about getting to know her from the high-pointing common theme. I bet if I'd stopped to chat your name would've come up sooner than later. Ha!

  8. The sedatives are wearing off....

  9. Well the forecast is getting better but it is still supposed to be wet.

    PM says Dunkin Donuts at 8:15-8:30. I'll meet him in Hookset at 7:00. tMail at the Methuen Park-n-Ride at 6:30.

    Out and Back from the Kanc sounds like the plan for the day. So what's the consensus...crampons or no crampons??? I'll probably have the Stablicers in the pack regardless.

  10. okay now it's sunday and same schedule except trailhead at 8:30?

    it'll be interesting how much snow cover there will be after the warm rains tomorrow.

  11. Looking at weather forecasts it is going to be a nice day Sunday, feel more like winter. How are you guys packing? I am in the process of breaking in my double boots, but I am thinking tomorrow I may go with the leather because stabilizers may be equipment of choice with all the rain and dropping temperatures, any thoughts? My stabilizers do not fit my Koflachs......

  12. I probably won't decide until tonight. The hike in Koflachs won't be bad - good way to break them in. There's no exposure except at the top of Flume and the Osseo trail is pretty easy except for some wood steps (ususally icy) and a steep rocky scramble towards to top. I don't think i'm bringing any traction at all and at this point am planning on my regular hiking leathers w/ gaiters.

  13. Hopefully you guys get the e-mail I just sent. Clan Strong is a last minute scratch from tomorrow's hike.

    A sinus infection, a strained calf and SI joint and a disappointed dog.

    T-Mail, you may want to coordinate w/G$ to meet in Hookset.

    Give my cell phone a ring if you need numbers or want to know where he'll be - 508 878-2261.

    Hope to be healthy, and rid of this f-ing sinus thing, for the Lafayette loop next Sat.