Avi Craziness

This weekend's "Weekend Update" and Saturday's avi bulletin posted by the Mt. Washington Avi Center read like great fiction. Conditions are out of control and getting more active every day and the tension is building. I have two links here to copies of these documents that I preserved for fun [Link to Weekend Update for 2/29/08] and [Link to Avi Bulletin posted on 3/1/08] but you can always get the most current information [Here] and [Here] respectively. The pic at right is from TuckermanRavine.org and shows a fracture line below Lion's Head on 2/29/08. Click on it to zoom or go to the original site [Link] to see more photos.

Here are three great highlights:

"Over the past 3 days we have seen avalanches in the Escape Hatch, South gully, Yale, Damnation, North, Gully #1 near Hillmans, Gully #2 near Hillmans, Dodges Drop, Hillmans, un-named line on the Duchess Buttress, Near Left Gully, The Headwall-Lip, Sluice, Right Gully, Lobster Claw, and the Large Lion Head Snow field that ran down towards the summer Lion Head trail near treeline."

"Then on Sunday winds will rage and push into the 85-95+ mph range from 9am to 6pm which will continue loading and another round of avalanche activity. "

"The Lion Head Winter Route is not one of our forecast areas but does have potential to produce avalanches as anchors become covered and the snowfields increase in size."

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