The New Obsession

I can't stop thinking about Lincoln's Throat. These guys were up there a few years back. So were these guys (and they've got a map). There are three hikes I want to do:

  • The Ridge (Ty/MPM's original plan)
  • The Throat
  • A Hybrid (not sure what this means)
I may wait for some good March freeze/thaws before trying the throat, but the ridge can be done soon. I know it wasn't the right time on Tyler Day, but the truth was I was standing on the crust when I scooted up into the trees. That was the place to do it - right before the last brook crossing where Falling Waters bangs south along the old logging road onto Haystack's main ridge.

In fact, I came down a great spot to ascend off the trail.

I'm heading back up there. I think I'll do the ridge first and scout out the throat. It doesn't look as steep as Dodge's except at the Ice Fall, which is why I listed a "hybrid" hike. I think with the well-developed ice fall we'd have to exit the gully early and find an alternate route to the summit... or, as Tyler put it, just head back down.


  1. Wow. I'm into this attack 'fo shizzle.'

    When, where, what, why, who, and how? Oh my.

    Need a good melt, then a lock down via cold temps, an early start, and some sun shine to make this a great day out!!!

  2. MPM, I'm jonesin' for the ridge any time, any weekend. The gully, as you say, should be really firm before we venture out. I think once the USFS starts calling Hillman's and Dodge's "Low", that's the time to consider The Throat.