It's Decided: Sunday...

... is a hike up to, um, uh, ... okay, it hasn't all been decided, but we're getting there. tMail is running a 77-percentathon tomorrow and on Sunday we ... uh... do whatever we end up doing. We're getting about another four inches of snow in Danville and are expecting some bitter cold. Current forecasts (for Danville) are for 4°F Sunday morning. It's likely that things'll be a tad chilly, but calm and sunny on Sunday.

More information as the plans develop. Likeliest candidates: Edmands via The Castles and The Backbone.

[Update 3/29, 10am] The final decision: unless anyone who might be coming along has any last minute changes of attitude, the consensus is: Lincoln's Backbone. This will make the third weekend in a row I spend bushwacking, but I'm kind of into it. Conditions will be hard to anticipate. I'd guess there's at least 6" of new snow up high on the ridge, unless it's all blown off into the ravines. tMail and I saw combinations of strong crust and weak older snow on Carrigain that made the crampon/snowshoe decision a little tough but high up we were grateful for the snowshoes. The only gear I'm specifically not bringing is poles. They'll just tangle in the boughs, and if we make it out of treeline we'll want axes anyway. As far as poking into Tucks is concerned (from the USFS):

"As active loading continues through the day it's good to remember that a number of our avalanche paths have been running to their historic maximums. With this in mind I wouldn't get too close to the floors of either ravine even if you're just 'taking a look.'"
[Update 3/29, 5pm]
Meeting Time: Between 8 and 8:30, goal of starting around 8:30am.
Meeting Place: East side of 93 (Northbound) in the Lafayette Place parking area (south section of parking area).
Route: Falling Waters trail to bushwack turnoff (approx 1 hr up trail, head up left-hand ridge just before final brook crossing). Seek treeline and eventually Lincoln summit. Descend via Falling Waters or OBP depending on conditions, time and mood.


  1. Either I am hiking and working on the house, or going to Maine and working on the bedroom (in order to get the bed out of kitchen so I can work on that later) If you don't hear from me on Sat I went to ME. Frankly I need more weekends!!

  2. The Backbone could be fun if the snow is set up and we have a nice base to tromp on.

    I'm starting to feel a chest cold develop and may be a last minute scratch... we'll see what the day brings.

  3. I will plan to meet Tmail at 6am at the "Reg-lar" spot off Rte 93 to head North tomorrow.

    The only thing that will change my plan is if I go out and drink 17 beers tonight in celebration of Clarkson hockey beating Michigan in the NCAA East Regionals.

  4. Oooog. I just had 3-slices of meat-lovers pizza, two of buffalo chicken, two oatmeal stouts and a mich light that nobody wanted. i'm putting myself on the couch for a nap. buh bye.

  5. PM - room for one more??

    508 226 7126


  6. BBY! Great to have you along!

  7. tMail and the PM are out. Apparently they got caught in a sandstorm with no underwear.