Snowshoe Drama and Resolution

I talked to Tubbs today about my popped rivet, and got some bad news, some good news and some heh, heh, heh.

The Bad News: Turnaround is now about 3weeks for repairs so I'll probably wait until after the season ends in a month before sending them out.

The Good News: Tubbs doesn't care if I bolt the thing together with some screws and washers as long as they can repair the original busted rivet (i.e., as long as I don't drill a larger hole at that spot). I just have to drop the shoes off at any dealer, no receipt needed (lifetime warranty). Tubbs Mountaineering Shoe

The Heh Heh Heh: At was browsing their site and have fallen for their new Mountaineering model. Improvements include: quick-release cinch straps w/ some kind of fucked up tension control thing. I've used it on their Sojourn shoes (the new ones I won in the Mad River Uphill race) and find them convenient, comfortable and quick to manage. The plastic strap bindings I have on my older (now busted) shoes are kind of sucky, Heel Crampon
even though they are pretty aggressive.

But here are the two best things: First, Tubbs finally added heel-lifters like on the MSRs. Secondly, the aggressive stainless steel full crampon is similar to my current pair although they've improved it with a crazy curved talon like a circular saw blade on the heel crampon. This thing looks like it could chew through alpine ice. This is my next christmas present, no doubt about it.


  1. ooks like a winner but geesh at about 6 lbs those things are like something mad dog would be building a wall out of.

    that's a neat crampon design and I hope they'll hold up to the granite ridge boulders of the Whites.

    Tubbs makes some good stuff though!

  2. woah, i didn't notice the weight. yeah, my current pair are pretty heavy - probably about the same. but by the same token, i don't have to carry crampons. i bring one or the other (or both if i'm feeling frisky).

    i'm very accustomed to wearing them - i guess it's like a pack. you heft it before a hike and go "holy shit, i'm doomed", and then it just kind of does its pack thing and blends in with the rest of the day.