Bail Out!

The storms that came through yesterday and last night left the power out all over the north-east and into Ohio and Indiana.  Click To Zoom
We had torrential rain, high winds, icing, minor flooding and super-saturated snow. The temperature is plummeting and the winds are still high and I just couldn't bring myself to head into the hills. It looks like the sun will come out as the bitter cold sets in so I'll probably do a crust-run w/ the pooch - but with completely unknown snowpack conditions I don't want to be slogging around in freezing unstable slush.

I imagine that many areas are undermined by water sifting down and hitting impermeable layers (either crust or ground) and flowing horizontally. I'm eager for news from Tucks to see what the coming three days of bitter cold sets up. I'm hoping it becomes bullet-proof armor.

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