Upcoming Adventure

MadDog is out for this weekend (3/29-3/30). Conditions are changing rapidly at higher elevations, although in general it's: blowing snow, frozen fog on a bomb-proof substrate of ice.

Below treeline it's firm/crusty snow and ever-softening snow in the warmer, sunnier places - and the next few days won't change that picture much. There's a possibility that between Saturday and Sunday there will be a transition to sunnier weather but that's still a long way away in forecast land.

I have a few thoughts on adventures, but some of them are big days out:

  • Edmands Col via the castles. We've done this before, but Edmands owes me and tMail. The MPM and I had a great time of it but it's got a certain draw and conditions are always changing.
  • Isolation. WTF? Ayup. It's not a bad idea. Glen Boulder with a finish down the Davis Path. Because of spotting cars it will be a later evening finale, but that could take place at the Red Fox restaurant in Jackson.
  • Lincoln's Backbone. tMail and I had our fill of bushwacking and daredevil adventure, but another week another adventure. Why not do the big manly struggle and try getting up out of treeline? Sure Carrigain made it seem like this could be nearly impossible, but in three hours I was able to get from my car to the 'I give up' point (2mb QT). Couldn't we go further with two or more people? And to be honest, it's not as hard a bushwack as we saw on Carrigain. I do have a few concerns about that ridge near the top, but we not even get that far.
  • Hillman's. Suicide mission? Avi danger? Sure, but that's today. We still have a few days to go and don't we want to check out the avi excitement in Tucks?
Think about it if you're available this weekend.


  1. Well I'll be dipped in hot, Irish butter and Guinness, let's party. I could use a good adventure to remind me that my arteries are likley clogged with Irish butter and Guinness.

    Let me know what the Oracle tells us tomorrow afternoon in terms of weather and routes.

  2. If you have any preferences, let them be known otherwise I'm just going to flip a 6-sided coin.

  3. Sorry fellas,

    I can't join in on the fun yet again this weekend. Ez-E turns the big 24 (months) and we've got his bash on Saturday. I'll be up to my neck in b-day cake and toys, not to mention entertaining out of town guests.

    Which is a shame because after hanging inside with a house full of screaming kids I will be in desperate need for some trail time.

  4. Well my backpacking into Tuckermans or somewhere was push off a week, so what was your final destination decision? Maybe I can make a guest appearance.... Bob W

  5. BBY! Great to hear from you! No, no decision's been made at all. This post says all that has been said, which is not much.

    I'm kind of waiting to hear from tMail to see if he wants to hit Isolation for his 43rd. Also, Sunday is looking fine in the forecast. Plans will be posted tomorrow afternoon and evening as people get around to throwing in their two cents. If nobody makes a decision by late afternoon Friday, I'm just going to post my plan and hopefully anyone/everyone will come along.

  6. Indifference defined...

    Edmands Col via the castles - cool

    Isolation - cool but a slog

    Lincoln's Backbone - hellwhack but might be fun

    Hillman's - money shot

    Sunday is probably a better day for me if we can swing it but Saturday is a possibility too.

  7. I'm voting for Sunday as well.

  8. Saturday I am out the labor party at SSgA voted that I have to work for a little but I will also be getting in my 18 mile run on Saturday...Sunday would be a better day for me but i am not 100%i am up for anything...

  9. Sunday the church bells will ring and my clogged arteries will scream with sweet mountain joy.

    Name your nipple and I'll see you there.