Mess o' Winter Storms

With all the warm precip in the last day and another storm coming up for Fri/Sat it's not clear what the outlook for adventure will be until later this week. I'm sure by Thursday evening we'll have a clearer picture. Any ideas are welcome (except Lincoln's Throat or adjoining ridge, which will have to wait for the snowpack to consolidate a bit).

[Update 3/6, 9pm] The forecast for the next few days includes another winter storm watch, ending Sunday morning. This includes rain, sleet, freezing rain & snow, followed by sub-zero temperatures Sunday night. It seems likely that I won't want to drive in this on Sunday morning, but the next week looks like great weather to get the sap flowing (warm days, freezing nights) - which means setting up the snowpack for early spring adventure - and lots of it.


  1. I'm housebound this weekend - leaving for Europe on Monday.

    No adventures up North until the end of March/start of April for me.

  2. I leave for Montreal Monday be there all next week...this weekend I am going to be in my new favorite town Wellesley and I am also picking up my new HotRod...