12/8/07: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

The PM has voiced an interest. Waiting for ideas... waiting...waiting...

[Update 12/7]
The PM has a stomach virus. I'm getting a christmas tree on saturday with the wife and kids and going solo on Sunday. I'll have to borrow a digital camera or (\\gasp!//) go without one. No plans yet.

Also, Spanky is getting spayed and will be unavailable for x-c skiing for a while. Poor Spanky.

[Update 12/8]
Spanky is home and a little wiped out. We got a nice 10ft tree from some folks in Danville down past Greenbank Hollow. I'll trim it down to about 8ft tomorrow evening. The field it was growing in wasn't too far from the car (about 75 yards) and of course I got to be the saw boy as well as the mule to drag it to the car while Sue and the kids drank hot chocolate and cheered me on and Jill hit me with a soft snowball. Luckily the snow wasn't too deep and the sun was still out before the squalls blew through - although hauling a tree through blinding snow would've been kind of fun.

It looks like the hike of choice is Mt. Chocorua. Yes indeedy. I've never been there, but I've seen it from Passaconaway and heard about several successful and failed attempts. (I believe the pic on the right taken by the PM from Passaconaway is Chocorua). It looks like tomorrow will be cold and windy. Full report to follow.

[Update 12/9]
Harrumph. Pulled a g-$$$ and slept until 8:30 (was up past midnight grading exams). Just went for 12mi run instead. Oh well.


  1. Mutha,
    After my e-mail today, I was suddenly overcome with a horrific headache, gas pains, and a desire to sleep where I stand... not sure what kind of bug this is but it isn't good (for the top or the bottom!)

    With that said, I'll be passing on the mountans this weekend but will be looking to make my mark next weekend. That is if I don't lose an o-ring on the next 24hrs...

  2. MZ,

    Sunday I will be there in spirit I ran 10K on the treadmill today...and bought 2 Indian Rugs...


  3. i skated this morning and did a BUNCH of stuff around the house - weatherproofed the shizzle out of the dizzle. No more Jack Frost creeping in through the cracks!

    stinks that you pulled an alarm blunder but hey, you still got a nice run in.

    yesterday i was educated by a man in blaze orange, about 100yds from our condo, who stated that "i'd better be careful because it's still hunting season in MA." no shit - i looked on line and sure enough, it goes through end of Dec down here... what the farge?

    so, Riley and I hopped in the car and drove 20mins to a "state park" where there are no men in orange to be found... ahhhh.

    picked up a sweet soft shell online for cheap and tried it on our 1hr+ walk yesterday - Arcteryx Trident Hoody. It's somewhat wind and waterproof but also breathable. Pretty f-ing nice in my opinon and Treadmill is allowing me to keep it despite my gear closet beginning to look like I could travel from Bogota to Berlin to Bermuda to Bora Bora to Butte to and be pretty well equipped for ANY condition!!!

    the cold/ass blast thing has subsided but not without fallout. there was almost a jailbreak when Riley and i were walking yesterday and last night my gas smelled like something you might find in a hospital - not good.

    today is a new day and everyone is safe.

  4. Beautiful! Actually I woke up with the alarm at 5am, let the dog out, and lay down on the bed doing the 'just a few more minutes...' thing. The next thing I knew it was several hours later. I was unconcious!

    The run was cold (about 15°F) and I used a pair of skiing socks that I've never run in (with my Vasques!). I now have a luxurious bloody blister on one foot. Mmmmmm.

    We're forecasted for light rain/sleet and/or snow every day for the next week (little accumulation). Next weekend I'm doing something puckeriffic for sure!

  5. The count down has begun for the return of Tmail....we will have a big gathering on some cold ass summit in which the mountain gods want to freeze our internal organs....

  6. Let the countdown begin! (When are you coming back?)

  7. My scheduled departure is for December 22nd after Christmas I think I will take couple of days off anyone up for some mid week stuff? My fitness I am going to question so a classic return to Moosilauke or something in which I can get my legs back may be in the cards. It will be the countdown to Bad Boy as well and I don't want to go into that with no legs or fitness.

  8. Next week is finals and then I'm off for a few weeks. A midweek trek is not out of the question. One hike to consider up Moosilauke is the Beaver Brook route. More on that later.