Upcoming Plans

[Updated 12/25, 8pm. Edits are in this color]
With vacations and such, there is ample opportunity for adventure in the coming weeks. If you haven't checked it out yet, the avi risks are LOW in Tuckerman's and the Lion's Head Winter Route is open already. conditions on the mountains are pretty icy after all the rain and freezing, so crampons and axes will be more important than ever regardless of where we roam.

MD and I have a tentative plan for xc skiing next Saturday (12/29) up in Craftsbury, Vermont. All are welcome.

The weather forecast looks a little unsettled for the next week, but no major storms. We are in a pretty short-daylight situation, but so what. tMail, what else is on your list other than Adams, Cabot and Waumbek? I've been on every freakin' peak with you it seems. Tripyramids? Didn't we do those? Or was it the Hancocks. This would be a GREAT time for steep terrain. Let's do the Tri's on Friday.

Possible adventures (with special emphasis on tMail getting his 48):

  • Adams (that little fucker). Let's do Castle Ridge, Jefferson and Adams and Edmands Col! That would rock to do those again.
  • Hillman's/Dodge's Drop (sorry tMail, not a 48 but a rare opportunity this time of year)
  • Bamforth Ridge (sorry again tMail, not a 48 but should be fast in icy conditions)
  • Tripyramids??
  • Hale
  • Carrigain (not bad, but I think more fun in the summer)
  • Bonds/Bondcliff (nahhh, save for summer)
Whatever we do, I think our crampon blades will be singing in the hard crust/ice. Post ideas in the comments and I'll add them to the list. I'm vaguely adding to my "Winter 48" list, but I don't care if it takes me 10 years.

Adams, Carrigain or Hale would be good. Hale requires that we walk up the Zealand road (unplowed). I had a fantasy about doing a loop this summer of: Hale, Zealand, The Bonds, return via the Thoreau Falls trail and Ethan Pond Trail. It's maybe 30 miles or so. It would be a great day hike in mid-summer.

From what I recall others saying about their schedules, it'll just be me and tMail on Friday. tMail, we should do a warmup winter hike to get you back into the winter gear mode. Adams is a huge drive for you, but at some point I want to do the Edmands Col thing. Carrigain (via Signal Ridge, round trip) sounds fun and has nice exposure near the top. You've got the farthest to drive so you pick it. I'd even do Liberty/Lafayette again.

The current forecast for Friday is for shitty weather to come through at the end of the day so we can expect limited visibility on the summits and the need to get off the mountain.


  1. MZ Friday sounds like a good plan...

    My list is as follows:

    West Bond

    If you want to do the Tri's this Friday I am down with that...I just need to get back into hiking shape...

    Adams is very tempting...

  2. Mutha!

    You rock on the MadDog attire. Every dog I see now first comes to sniff me and lifts a leg. THANKS!

    Hey, I'm wondering if we should defer CBury this weekend and wait until the ground cover is different (not sure which is best). Thoughts? If we did, then I could swing a trip (of any kind) to the Whites on the following weekend.