New Mutha Z logo

As you may have noticed, the title-bar banner on this blog has changed. The panorama is obviously from Sandwich Dome looking north, but what is that image? It's a mashup of a drawing from Vesalius, a 16th cent. anatomist. The image to the right is a variation on the logo image that I'm working on. Note the left index finger pointing to a secret code. Click image to zoom. If I can't make myself a logo, then, as they say on the intertubes, "whiskey tango foxtrot!".

The original image can be viewed here.

I needed more mountains in the background and had to remove the reference numbers to make it less like an anotomical drawing. I also added the "48" to make it personal. This site has most of the images available.


  1. Well Chritmas has come and gone...I am at my parents house for Tuesday and Wednesday and then will be heading back to Boston...I have been running everyday since being back and feel pretty good. So I will start the chatter what day works for most? I am pretty much free up until the first working day of 2008.

  2. i'm stuffed like a christmas goose, which i didn't have. i'll be up for something any day as well.