Sandwich Dome

Lovely day out. Pics to be published tomorrow (Sunday) [Update 12/16: Pics are now posted]. A day w/out MadDog and tMail - heartbreaking - but we muddled through. The above panorama is a 2048x518 low-res version I made this morning from 4 hi-res images. The view (click pic to zoom) is from Sandwich Dome centered almost due north and spans from Franconia Ridge on the left to Mt. Washington on the right. It includes Tecumseh in the left foreground, most of the summits of the Pemi (the southern border is easier to make out with the Hancocks & Carrigain). One day I'll make a labeled version. An intriguing artifact of the panorama stitching process is that the two foreground trees on the left are actually the same tree. I took the Franconia Ridge photo before the other three on the right and moved around. This morning I noticed that I could tack on the Franconia Ridge image to make a wider view but the shift in perspective would double that tree. Another annoying problems was that I didn't notice the exposure difference on the Mt. Washington section until after I built the pano. Oh well. Curious.

From The PM (click pic of the lovely couple to zoom - hi res version available):

Too bad nobody got a pic of the G$ driving school demonstration!
Great day out. Cold, not so windy, and it was nice to have some sunshine.
New/fairly new gear analysis...
  • Softshell rocked
  • LL Bean pack rocked
  • Mountain Rescue hat... rocked, despite not having to svae any of the MTI Outing Club!

That coffee afterwards hit the spot!
2 beers and a burger - time to veg!
Next adventure targeted for Dec 21 or 22 in VT.
From g-$$$:
Thanks all for sharing your trail. Glad the M-Z got to exercise the 10.1 , PM didn't have to do any Mountain Rescue, and Treadmill was able to make the summit even though I forgot to bring her crampons.

Sorry....I don't get the driving school reference. You'll have to explain that one to me.
From mutha:
A terrific day (I got to use my tow strap). The temperature was around 0°F and the air was calm. Invigorating and great company. [N.B.: The coffee aftewards was from the Mad River cafe, located just off the Waterville Valley exit off rte 93. It's between the Mobil and Citgo stations.]


  1. Great day out! Winter hiking rocks when you waterproof pants, winter boots, and gaiters...I've really improved my gear collection since my freezing trip up Greylock in 2005! Mutha, I'm about to round up Riree, strap on my snowshoes, and head out to practice some of your secret snowshoeing techniques. Once I get them down, I'll be unstoppable!

  2. Ha. Great Day!

    Going downhill, take long strides to keep weight on heels to allow for a forward sliding motion with each step. Your weight will naturally press you down and forward into the snow and keeping it back (actually centered between your back and front foot) prevents pitching face-first into the snow.

    Speeding your pace when the snow is deep enough to cushion your stride allows for a high bouncing motion. And lifting the knees gets your shoes higher in the snow where it's easier to move them forward.

    I'm heading out to clear the driveway (round 1) and do some x-c skiing in the fresh powder.

    Great Day!

  3. i'm hoping to join the next excursion (wherever it happens)...be sure to pick a bunny route for me.

    keep the mountain mojo coming!

  4. MadDog...you and I bought need a Bunny Route I need to get my fitness back. I have been religious with my pushups and situps and I have been running the hotel stairs for about 45 minutes every other day. I hope my jet lag is not that bad...I am anxious to get about just go for a nice run or blast in the Blue Hills.

    What works for you guys in the upcoming weeks...anything first week of January?

    I am excited to get to see you all and enjoy our times on the trail...I hope I remember how to pack...


  5. MD: we'll fucking drag you on a sled.

    tM: 45min of stairs? drag me on a sled, baby.

    On our excursion saturday I brought everthing I own, including some golf clubs. Every winter it's like I have no idea how to pack. On the plus side, I was totally ready for Mt. Washington - too bad I wasn't on it.

  6. tmail, once you are back from India-no-more, shoot some dates out there. then get ready for the curry crawl...up the side of some hill somewhere.