Praise Allah: My Camera Arrived

Oh baby. My new camera arrived today. a 10.1 Mp Casio Exilim. Papa's got a new toy. Let's hope this sucker performs in the cold weather. Click on pic to zoom to see the fantastic detail... and this is a downgraded image I uploaded. In the original, you can count my blood vessels in my eyeball.

In other gear news, Sue got ahold of a Patagonia Synchilla vest for me. It's a women's XL, which means it fits beautifully. I've been wearing it over my light yellow windbreaker and have tested it down to 8°F in over an hour of x-c skiing. I love it. Above 15-20° and it'll be too warm if I'm working hard in the snow, but no biggie - I'm taking it with me everywhere I go from now on.

[Update 12/14] The votes are in: Sandwich Dome and possibly Black Mtn. Decision on ascent route to be made in parking lot at trailhead. Up one and down the other?

Meeting Place: Coffee Shop between Mobil and Citgo at Waterville Valley exit off 93.
Meeting Time: 8:30am

Weather Note: In addition to the point made by the PM in the comments, the wind is howling already here in Danville (elev. 1,400') but the temps haven't started to plummet yet. Winds are up to 80 steady on the Bad Boy. I'm bringin' my winter shell and goggles. May do the snowshoe thing (heavy duty Tubbs, not MSR) instead of crampons.


  1. 10.1 MP....geesh that's some serious pixelage. Those camera batteries still blow in the cold. Good luck. I haven't seen much success with digital cameras on winter White Mtn hikes.

    I may be in on Sat but all I'm waiting to see what you boys have planned. We got 7 fresh inches of fluffy pow so I may just opt to take E-Z E in the tow-cart and slog through the woods for a few hours. I can't do Sunday either.

  2. Tmail weekend...doing some last minute shopping and I am organizing a clothes drop with the office in which everything collected will go to an orphans home in Bangalore. We also did Secret Santa.

    I talked to my parents down in RI they got about 10 inches...our black lab Marvin refuses to come in the house he just stays out in the snow.

    Looking forward to the year end adventures and what is to come in 2008 ***GANNETT***

  3. You're unrecognizable in that shot, not unlike a combination of Phillip K. Dick and Fred Thompson.

  4. Is that a New Year's resolution or just a standrad resolution? Impressive regardless.

    Women's clothing eh? No surprises from this end. We always knew!

    Tomorrow... I'm waiting for the wife to appear and provide some direction. I wouldn't mind heading North but need the official blessing. If I am with wife and dog then I'll have to lean to something fun yet "benign." If I am without... put me in an avalanche chute and give me a trumpet, a pair of cymbals, one working crampon, and a small handheld AM radio.

    Ideas include...
    1) Moosilaucke via Beaver Brook (sans dog)
    2) Hancocks or Tri's (sans Dog)
    3) Sandwich Dome
    4) Mt Washington (just a lil' poke above tree line...)

    On the other hand, after reading the High Summits fcst -
    "Tomorrow morning winds will continue to be strong and gusty but will be on a downward trend through the day as high pressure moves overhead. Look for winds of 70-90 mph with higher gusts in the early morning, 40-60 mph midday, and decreasing to the 30-45 mph range during the evening. Plenty of blowing and drifting snow will make for poor visibility above treeline through the forecast period, especially during the periods when the summits are obscured by clouds."

    Just put me in a meat locker wearing nothing but a banana hammock and turn a Voronado fan on me full blast.

  5. Fred Thompson? Holy crap. That's nasty.

    I've been interested in Sandwich Dome ever since g-$$$ suggested it last summer. I vote for that if we do the 'mild' option. If time permits and this latest dump of snow doesn't slow us down too much, I vote we consider checking out the Dome and then moving on to Black Mtn ... or at least the lookouts on the Algonquin Trail near the 1,000ft descent to the col before Black Mtn summit.

  6. ... and by the way, Miq-Tak, is that really you? unrecognizable, huh? sounds like we need to get together again. still lowering yourself into underground chambers in the dark via rope, harness and a freakin' candle stuck to your helmet?

  7. Yes. Let us "do" the Dome.

    Meet at exit 28 (Rte 49/Waterville)off I-93 at what time tomorrow morning?

    I think we can be at the exit around 8:30AM. 9AM at the trailhead...

    Oh yeah, WHAT trailhead? Smarts Brook, Drakes Brook, Sandwich Mtn trail, or bushwhack via a poke up the ski area, traverse across the Snows Mtn/Lost Pass area and Flat Mtn?!

    G$... are you in or are you in?

  8. The 'Dome' it is. See plan in main body of posting.

  9. Hey that'd what she said!!!!

    Wifey says okay if you really wanna oo......I'm gonna regret it but oh well...I need some trail time badly!

  10. Pics on their way to MuthaZ.

    Too bad nobody got a pic of the G$ driving school demonstration!

    Great day out. Cold, not so windy, and it was nice to have some sunshine.

    New/fairly new gear analysis...
    - Softshell rocked
    - LL Bean pack rocked
    - Mountain Rescue hat... rocked, despite not having to svae any of the MTI Outing Club!

    That coffee afterwards hit the spot!

    2 beers and a burger - time to veg!

    Next adventure targeted for Dec 21 or 22 in VT.

  11. Good day out...not in the dog house at home and I logged some trail time.

    Thanks all for sharing your trail. Glad the M-Z got to exercise the 10.1 , PM didn't have to do any Mountain Rescue, and Treadmill was able to make the summit even though I forgot to bring her crampons.

    Sorry....I don't get the driving school reference. You'll have to explain that one to me.

  12. Sounds like you guys had a sweet day out...I will be ready to rock and roll when I get home...see you all soon...