An Additional 6-12 Inches Coming

More snow! By this weekend, at least in Danville, we'll be knee deep in the stuff. As it is, the x-c skiing is terrific. Jay Peak has been dumped on with a base that is between 2 and 4ft deep. Whatever happens this weekend, it'll involve snow! Bamforth anyone? Hell Brook? All those great snowy routes that are avi-stable are aching to be trekked.

Things have been slow around Thanksgiving, but I expect them to pick up around Christmas. I never put on a pair of snowshoes last winter, but if the current accumulation rate is any indication I'll be wearing them soon.

Just a reminder: The pic on the right is the TOP of MadDog's head coming up Hell Brook w/out snowshoes only 9.5 short months ago. He's not lying down, either. That is one BADASS trail (click on the pic to zoom). Other Hell Brook pics here (w/ maddog jan '07) and here (solo from march '05).

[Update 12/12] The cold front will be blowing through the north country tonight will drop temps into the low single digits and will be around for a few days. The weekend is looking like highs in the teens in the valleys, lows below 10°. Two days of this will keep the powder dry and firm up the ice on the stream crossings.

[Update 12/13] We now have a Nor'easter forecasted for Sunday. 6+ inches. It looks like Saturday will be the day to ramble. I'm hoping that in the lead-up to the storm we'll have broad isobars. This cold-cold weather doesn't lend itself to roaring winds. tMail & Mutha on Madison! Yeow! Just thinking about it makes me hold onto my chair. Between the snow down south today and the steady accumulations up north, this is promising to be a great winter.... until the January thaw of course...


  1. Saturday is looking like it may be a good day for a poke into the promised land of VT or NH. I am still fighting this wanna be cold thing but maybe one more goo dnight of sleep here in the Syracuse hotel will cure that?!!!

    I'd love to get out and get up playing in the snow. I'll keep you posted on my availability for Sat - I have commitments for Fri and Sun this weekend. Ahh the Holidays...

  2. Saturday is perfect, mon ami. See the main post for my 12/13 update.