Four hours of hard XC skiing today, mostly along the LVRT (Lamoille Valley Rail Trail).   Ice Falls on LVRT

The rail bed is being converted to 4-season recreation use. The rails/ties were pulled up and the surface is still rough but in winter it is used by snowmobiles and x-c skiers.

I followed it for a few miles in the fresh snow and then headed off into the hills and fields. Caledonia County is characterized by rolling hills and valleys with forest and fields. There are numerous farm roads and access roads for sugaring, as well as almost impenetrable woods. In classic northern style, the woods include birch, balsam, red & white pine, ash, maple and more. It's a great area to ski on marked trails and roads, but also to take off across fields and head into woods. The entire trip was four hours, and I was trashed.

Unfortunately I came back to a snow-filled driveway, and to clear and prepare for the coming snow tomorrow, it took 2 hours of snowblowing and shoveling. Now I'm really trashed. Also, while clearing the driveway, the cold front came through with intense winds and (of course) blowing snow.

Skiing on a rail-bed is pretty easy when the snow is fresh and deep - the only work is breaking the trail. When snowmobiles come through, it becomes a little more challenging due to the irregular patterns they carve. Regardless, I had a chance to   Rolling Hills of Danville

pack food, water, some light gear and set out for a half-day of snowy, winter fun.

Included in this post are a few pics from the trip. Of course I'll be posting all of them in a gallery as I usually do, but the day was so beautiful with snow showers and deep snow that I figured I'd post one or two here on the blog.

In a few minutes Sue and I are heading out for some final groceries for tonight. I'm sure I'll be asleep well before midnight.

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  1. My last day of 2007 included a 90 minute run around slushy, icey, wet, cold Holbrook, Massachusetts.

    I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year...see you at the first trail head in 2008...