Mt. Hale

I'm cooking my cereal now, getting ready to tackle Mt. Hale w/ tMail: 2.5 mile slog to the Hale Brook trail, 2.2 up to the summit. The fresh snow is pretty heavy, and we'll be breaking trail through it... maybe 5 inches in Danville. Crampons? Ropes? Harness? Helicopter? How big is that damned summit? Anybody know what's going on? Hello? Bueller?


[Update 12/28]
Hale is down, 8 more to go on tMail's list. The long slog in to the trail wasn't bad. Good company, good weather and a good opportunity for tMail to transition from Bangalore to The Whites. More pics later.

We're forecasted for another 6 inches tonight in Danville. At this rate, we won't see dirt until July. Sweet Jebus. When tMail pics up his xc skis we'll have to schedule a serious weekend of that fun thang.

Oh yeh, and I got a 'talking to' by the guy who owns the Trading Post in Twin Mountain, NH. Apparently I parked my car in a bad spot. Ooops.

[Update 12/29]
Mutha's (and some of tMail's) Pics posted here
tMail's Picasa photo gallery of the trip is here

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  1. From Bangalore to Hale...I told MZ it was the great introductory hike for testing fitness, getting accustomed to carrying a pack, and adjusting to winter gear.

    Hale what is there to say...open face summit can't see crap...you get cold if you stand around on the summit...you see someone who I thought was going to drop dead from exhaustion...

    Cool traverse / ledge...and my legs are now snow shoe conditioned...