Crinkly Bindle Whorls

Last night was show night on VCAM15. My hour long live call-in show ("Welcome To Reality") is normally hosted by me, but in an interesting variation we just set up an empty chair, pointed the camera at it and people called in and were on the air (I had an open house at the school where I teach). I didn't go to the studio - in fact I didn't see it until this morning. We streamed it live on the web, and of course we make the show available for later viewing at ustream.tv [Link]. It was one of the best shows ever, but because there are long gaps of silence it's hard to appreciate. The show was titled "Reality & David Adolphus" - which is a joke so obscure that only I get it ... and maybe one other guy I know.

The callers are brilliant. Many of them get the idea and some have no clue. One way to 'watch' the show is to click 'play' and let this stream while you're doing something else... and from time to time you'll hear a caller, so keep the sound up.

There's really nothing to see. It's just the empty chair in a dark studio with a soda bottle and some crackers.


  1. I think I ...

    Uh, no.

    Wait! I think I get it!

    No I don't.


  2. The music person was great...