The PM Mangles Dead Man's Ridge

In a revenge killing worthy of World News Weekly headlines, the PM has completely destroyed Franconia "Dead Man's" Ridge. Where once a high ridgeline with dramatic peaks punctuated the skyline of Franconia Notch, now a rubble pile fills an inconsequential swamp. The technique was to apply pressure with his size 13's in repeated kicks and stomps, then to "bareboot the poor bastard". The PM was was asked if there was any emotional fallout from this wholesale slaughter. He replied quietly after an introspective pause "No". Pic at right shows the ridge being destroyed.

I have to pick up some copper fittings at Home Depot in Littleton today. I think I'll head down to Franconia Flats on my way and take some pics.


  1. I received a call yesterday from a certain somebody on a certain ridge who was calling for help...he had covered himself in rocks for warmth and said he was really cold...my advice was take off your clothes because you want to put them in the sunlight to dry them out. I also advised him to stay above treeline so the blackhawk can see you. he told me that he told the 12-15 people that passed him that he was okay...and offered all of his water to them. he gave his compass and map to some college kids as well. he sounded like he was in good shape so i just hung up on him...

  2. Nope...don't believe it...it's a scam. an internet hoax. No way PM did the ridge solo. In order to qualify for posting on the blog, we all know there would be pictures of his heart rate monitor splits, detailed leg times, and google earth maps. Sure there are so called "pictures" of this trip...but all easily photoshopped. Shame on you MPM for taking advantage of our gullibilities.