Tallying 2006 To Today

If I add up miles and feet of elevation for all hikes, excluding regular runs and exercise, but including the Jay XC marathon and the two MRG snowshoe races, I get the following:

Total Miles: 771
Feet of Elevation: 260k

I started the clock with the Osceolas hike w/ Treadmill back in early Feb 2006 (followed by the 2006 Bad Boy). So this plot excludes all the presi-traverses I've done and all earlier hiking. I didn't feel like going back to 2005 when my record-keeping was spottier.

This also excludes about 600 miles and thousands of vertical feet of biking, kayaking, downhill/backcountry/xc skiing, marathons and other races and is basically just backpack hiking. One day I may go back further, but it's not likely at this point.

Check out these two graphs. The XY plot is interesting but the three colored lines are just for fun and I don't think the three lines mean anything. The data seem to group naturally into three 'types' - but I think that has more to do with the hikes I like and the tendency to see patterns where there are none.

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  1. Impressive. That's a lot of time being up and getting after it. We're changing your nickname to "High-a-mutha" (ala Hiawatha except without the enslavement or rape.)

    I happened upon my 4K footer t-shirt last night which claims 215K ft over the 48 high peaks. I want to do them all again to test this claim.