Next Trip

My nieces are coming to visit today for a few days, leaving Saturday (Ruby is driving up with her sister Hattie and Ruby's friend Caroline - it's a ROAD TRIP!). We're going to do some skiing, snowshoeing and sitting around so I'm not doing a big hike until Sunday.

I'm going to be watching the re-freezing of the snowpack and if things shape up there could be some outstanding cramponing terrain (axe mandatory). tMail, if you think you'll be going out on Sunday we can always tackle one from your list. If I'm going alone or with the Vermont contingent, I'll probably take another crack at Bamforth.

Bad, Bad, Bamforth.

I'm also really interested in checking out the avalanches on Mt. Washington. Check out Chauvin Guide's Jay Philbrick's recent post and photos.


  1. You're welcome David, whoever you may be.

  2. Bamforth, bucko. What's the date?

  3. Maddog! I'm ready to hit Bamforth on Sunday 2/24. I was waiting to hear from the southern belles if they were up for a big day in the whites. But I'm itching to make Bamforth bow before me and hand me a summit.

  4. Mmmmmmm, butter...

    Bamforth on Sunday? Tell me more young Jedi's.

    This is attractive, especially since the weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday.

    My only hook is that I have to be back in MA for a flight to Chicago early on Mon morning.

    I am getting out and up thsi weekend... just a matter of where and with who!

  5. By the way, Tyler (the REAL mountain rescue guy) is coming next Thurs - the 28th - and wants to clim/hike on that Fri. Let me know if you are interested. He's up for teaching us to ice climb if teh conditions permit.

  6. I'm free all next week (winter break at school). Count me in for an outing with Tyler. MadDog, when are you going to Boston? This weekend? Bamforth is Calling!!

  7. Looking to get to NH tomorrow for a dog-friendly hike. Thinking maybe the Twins.

    If I can ditch the dog then maybe skiing into the Tri's and out would be cool.

    I dunno...

  8. PM, I've got my nieces visiting and am not doing a trek until Sunday. Also, I've got vacation next week and will be doing stuff throughout the week.

  9. Going to the ridge of death tomorrow... see you all in hell.