Last Bad Boy Article Before I Take Off

Hopefully the kids are all settled in and tucked in for the night down at the condo. I think g-$$$ was driving up tonight in the Current Conditions at the MWO (Click To Zoom)
freezing rain. I'm leaving around 6am for an 8am trailhead departure. One last look at the MWO tonight and wow, the excitement is palpable.

I'll be heading straight to Pinkham Notch and checking the logbook to see if the Bad Boys have signed in, then heading up Lion's Head to poke around in the winds above treeline. Knowing me I'll probably be in snowshoes ... or crampons only ... or snowshoes ... or ... crap.

I do know I'll have a Spam sandwich on whole-grain bread, one liter of water and some toilet paper in case the Spam needs an exit strategy.

Oh yeh, and I'm bringing a kite. Should be good flying weather.

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  1. Wow Bad Boy did not let down this year.

    My weekend started with a late departure on Friday night to pick up the money man G-$$$ I think we arrived at the Chateau around 10pm. Quickly set up came and went to bed. Saturday we woke up fairly early everyone was doing there own thing getting ready eating talking. There didn't seem to be too much talk about the hike despite the Category 2 Hurricane winds predicted.

    We hiked as a strong group all sticking together and then breaking up in Heather's Crotch...once at the normal stop to change before treeline a group of 3-4 of us departed MPM, BW (Bob Warren), myself and MD.

    We got blasted by the winds...crawling on hands and knees at times...

    I am going to cut to the chase to the I heard it on the Weekend of Bad Boy:

    1. Johnny B saying lets go easy today hiking.
    2. Wow my urine is already the color of rust in the vistor center's bathroom.
    3. I hate Heather's Crotch
    4. I am losing my fingers and toes (Little Richie)
    5. DUDE...want some fish and cheese..
    6. You ready, I am ready, ready lets go.
    7. The following is dialogue somewhere on Bad Boy...None of this feels rights, Johnny you know where we are? No I can't see anything. MPM, "I think we are okay". Tmail, "We are to low", Roland, "Lets go up"...10 minutes later. Tmail, "Still doesn't feel right". MPM, "We are good I can see something". We all take a hard right go straight up and like magic the Key Hole.
    8. Tmail to MPM..."We are going to get BLASTED"
    9. Running this morning with Spungie and Johnny B...Johnny B says "I hope nobody got offended by my drinking"
    10. Roland was hunkered down behind some rocks and says "I saw people get blown over and bodies all over the trail I thought people were getting shot"
    11. The sounds of train running over my body...I heard that about 100 times.
    12. Can I throw my ice ax at you?
    13. Want to see me do a naked belly flop?
    14. Spanky, "that's OUR dog"
    15. She is a Buffalo
    16. "We ran out of that beer" bartender at Cougar Liar
    17. "BAD BOY"