Fridays at Tuckerman's: You, Me & The Man Who Cried 'Beaver'

All signs are pointing to a day at Tuckerman's on Friday. While the weather will likely be somewhat overcast and possibly snowy, the temperatures are getting milder these days. This was the time of year that tMail and MD and I wandered around in the frozen fog on the Bad Boy and took the now-famous video (YouTube).

The pic at right at the top was taken last Sunday and was posted at tuckerman.org and is of the top of Dodge's Drop looking toward the summit cone.

The lower pic was taken by me on January 13th and a comparison shows how much the summit and ravine has filled in.

We'll post details of the trek on Friday as The PM and Tyler make their intentions known.

[Update 2/28 11am] Via The Puppet Master: Meet at Pinkham Notch Lodge at 8:30am on Friday, 3/1. Prepare for the Lion's Head route.

[Update 2/28 2pm] Via The Puppet Master (See Comments): Plan B. Do NOT meet at Pinkham. Repeat: Plan B! ... Plan B continued....Meet in the east Lafayette Place parking lot at 8:30. That means, If I understand my points-of-the-north-south-finder, the side of Franconia Notch at the bottom of the west slope of Franconia Ridge, most readily accessed from the north-bound side of rte 93 via the turn just past "The Basin" and just past where 93 merges from two lanes to one. This would be, I should clarify, the opposite side of the highway from where the ranger station is, and also the opposite side from where the campground, lake and Cannon Mtn are.

If I may further elucidate, if you were heading north on 93 through Franconia Notch, this would be a right turn directly into the parking lot where the Old Bridal Path trailhead is, as well as access to the Falling Water trail and the payphone that is now almost buried in snow.

And in case there is still ambiguity, go up to North Kinsman mountain. Face the noon-day sun. Point left at where you should have gone, and that's where we'll be.


  1. Tyler day is two days away I am taking a vacation day to meet the Mountain Rescue Hero...I am packing now...I am taking everything...what time does the Blackhawk pick us up?

  2. I'm back from my WI and IL swing...

    Avy posting from 02/27 - Tuckerman Ravine and Huntington Ravine will have HIGH avalanche danger today. Natural and human triggered avalanches are likely. Unstable slabs are likely on a variety of slope aspects and angles. Travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended. The only exception to this rating is the Little Headwall in Tuckerman which has MODERATE avalanche danger. Natural avalanches are unlikely and human triggered avalanches are possible. Use caution in this area. The Little Headwall also has several open water holes that you need to avoid.

    Okay, so there goes the steep shit theory that says we'll likely be in a gully on Friday!!! I am leaning towards the standard Lion's Head winter route OR we could attempt a poke up the Ammonusic Ravine trail (I've never been on this in the winter months.)

    Another plan would be to again lay waste/attack the Franc Ridge. Tyler's never been anywhere in the Whites so anything we do will be new to him!

    We will likely be leaving Boston farly early on Fri and do need to split somewhat early so Tyler can hook up with his dad (i.e. down whatever we do by 6pm at the latest.)


  3. My vote is Hammer the shit out of Lion's Head winter route and get Tyler to the summit...

  4. One other thought take the Cog

  5. Friday is still two days away although we'll only have tomorrow's avi report before heading out.

    I have no problem w/ lion's head, but it'll probably be a 3-pair of goggles day.

    footing may be weird: not enough time to pack out the trails, but we'll packed surface w/ not that much snow and not that much wind... hmmmm. snowshoes? crampons? snowshoes?

    There's one thing i do know if we go up & down lion's head: bareboot descent!!! w00t!

  6. Okay bitches, here's the skinny...

    Meet at Pinkham at 8:30/9am. Up Lions Head Winter route. Looks to be fun - low winds, maybe some ground whiteouts, and cold temps!

  7. Plan B bitches... Franc Notch exploration. Going up Falling Waters to a "certain point" (which will be captured on Tyler's GPS.)

    I will be sending an e-mail out with a snapshot of the map.

    Meet tMail at 6am - at trailhead at 8am.

  8. I got the inside scoop we go to the part of Falling Waters and then do something what I don't know but then we get on the ridge and cry for help...I just called the National guard to move the meet me time from the summit of Bad Boy to Lafayette for 11.30am...Tyler has shotgun on the Blackhawk...I want to give him the full experience of the White Mountains...

  9. No WTR show tonight ... technical difficulties. I'm in Burlington killing time at the vermontcam.org studio... and getting chills up my spine about tomorrow's adventure.

    You guys really know how to show a guy a good time.

  10. no wtr = wtf...I say bad karma from the blog format change.

    who do I write to for a refund on my subscription to the show????

  11. g-$$$, you'll not only get a full refund, but our guarantee gives you double-your-money-back. the check is in the mail. don't spend it all in one place.