Saturday Looms

It's a comin': The Mad River Glen Uphill Snowshoe Challenge. It's about 2000ft in elevation gain, up a ski trail. It's up and down by the same route, 1.5 miles each way.

I'm just getting over a week-long head-cold, so I'm going to whine like a little baby. Sue asked "why not just bag the race?". I replied "because i have a need to see the puppetmaster disappear into the distance and reappear on his way down while i'm heading up, only to disappear again." it has to be seen to be believed.

we're getting dumped on with heavy, wet snow which will pack better but we run on ungroomed surface and it could be all mashed potatoes... that'll be slow going.

And the big reward afterwards? Gung Hey Fat Choy! At Castle Del Louie!

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