Tyday At Franconia Notch

tMail On Lincoln

It was -20°F in Danville when I set out this morning, but as much as it was cold, it was that much fun. Another glorious blue-sky day with low wind. In a weird lull that started around midnight this morning and is now coming to an end, the winds just died. At most we had what could be called a light breeze that was probably more due to upslope convection.

And the visibility? Holy crap. We could easily see from Jay Peak south to Killington along the entire spine of the Greens. Trip reports and links to picture galleries will be posted as they are generated, so check back soon.

Also, tMail and I met a guy on the OBP who referred to "Lincoln's Throat". tMail hunted around and found this. Even though the original plan for our hike on Tyday was to bushwack the west ridge of Lincoln, it seems clear that the gullies/slides in the big ravine are likewise appealing. We think there are two interesting hikes: climbing up the low-angle ice in the ravine and climbing the ridge to Lincoln. This spring, for sure.

  • Mutha's Pics are now posted on Picasa [Link]
  • tMail's Pics are now posted on Picasa [Link]
  • The MPM's Pics are now posted on Picasa [Link]
  • tMail's Video is now posted on YouTube [Link]


  1. What a day... Plan B did not go as anticipated but got shelved for future reference. Can't wait to do some exploring later on this year.

    The views were as clear as I have EVER seen, the temps as about as perfect as they can be, winds were nearly asleep, and the company was excellent as always.

    A few things learned...
    1) Drinking and hiking and no sleep is no good (wait, I knew that before!)
    2) The hot pants are good for the right weather - never discount the Patagonia gear
    3) Mountain Hardware windblock fleece - my new go-to layer in dry conditions
    4) I am bringing an axe/saw the next time we do that loop... could the trail be any more annoying with all the branches in the face and such?!
    5) My mind only knows sunshine and warmth in the mountains... I need to experience the shit again sometime soon

    And on a final note, despite the Plan B washout, there was a NEW discovery - cinnamon raisin peanut butter. The mystery is this, when I got home and reached in the bag to show my wife... it was gone!

    GASP. Whodunit?

    I say it was Professor Plumb, in the library, with the candlestick...

    Photos posted - http://picasaweb.google.com/puppetmaster64/022808TylerDayInTheWhites

  2. still sounds like I missed out on some great fun.....I definitely wish I had been there...

    why did you guys not do the ridge? avy conditions? too many blowdowns?

  3. We headed up Falling Waters and after took a couple of stabs at ascending the ridge but because of the snow/crust structure it was only do-able in crampons with great care. Additionally, we decided that the amount of time spent in laborious, inch-by-inch crawling would be better spent just going to the top via the trail. We'll take another crack at the ridge in March or early April.

  4. Glad you guys got high enough to really enjoy the visibility. How far was the view to the east? PM, what's up with a cinny + raisin + PB mutant sandwich?

  5. Mad Dog, check it out - http://www.ilovepeanutbutter.com/

    Looks like you have to go to a Hannafords in VT to find this INCREDIBLE PB.

    They even have a hot/spicy version... f-ing delicious!

  6. PM, I love it! I love to see these kinds of businesses come into being and making it, with PB mind you. I remember meeting folks from the UK who had never heard of PB, I couldn't believe it, so I imported it on my following trip. It got mixed reviews. Now I'm getting hungry for some salted ones...